This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is used with the purpose to help customers to understand information collected on SPORTIVE MALL app (Hereinafter referred to as “SPORTIVE MALL Application”) and to ensure privacy of user’s personal information when access and/or use mobile application of AEONVIETNAM Co., Ltd , placed in 30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky ward, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh city(Hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

This policy describes how Company collect, save, share, update, check and protect customer personal reason when joining SPORTIVE MALL Application. User’s participation in account registration, access to and use of the SPORTIVE MALL Application is understood as the User has read, understood and agreed to comply with this Policy, including revised and supplemented versions of the Policy (if any).


When the User registers an account and uses the SPORTIVE MALL Application, from time to time, Company will collect necessary information for the account registration procedure and other information during the access procedure, use the Application (hereinafter referred to as “User Information”) so that Company can identify the User information as well as improve the quality of the service, ensure the interests of the User and related party.

This information includes but is not limited to:

User’s personal information such as full name, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, residential address, login name, login password, etc.

Information of the legal entity conducting the promotion: legal entity name, registered address, email, login password, tax code, payment account, etc. depending on the requirements in accordance with the law.

Product information: name, product type, product description, certification of trademark registration of the product, etc. depending on the requirements in accordance with the law.


Users have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their information by logging into personal accounts and checking, editing information, or request the Company to do this.


Company uses User Information including but not limited to the following purposes:

  • Providing products, services and utilities to the User based on the needs and habits of the User when accessing and using the SPORTIVE MALL Application;
  • Sending notifications on information exchange activities between Users and SPORTIVE MALL Application;
  • Sending notifications, exchanging information between Users and the Company, other websites, applications of the Company or vice versa;
  • Detect, prevent fraudulent activities, sabotage User’s account or activities of fake identity of User on SPORTIVE MALL Application;
  • Contact, support contact and deal with Users in necessary cases.

In addition, the Company may share User Information for the following purposes:

  • Market research and analysis reports: The Company may use User Information to conduct market research, aggregating and analyzing general information of the User (for example, average age, geographic area etc.) details will be hidden and will only be used for statistical work. In addition, the Company may share User Information with its partners, agents and subcontractors for data analysis, marketing and User service support. The Company may also exchange User Information with third parties for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.
  • Exchange User Information with other companies under the AEON Group and partners that have entered into an agreement to associate User care with the Company. This sharing enables the Company to provide Users with information about other products, services and issues that may be of interest to the User, to enhance service quality, or for other administrative reasons. In the event that AEON Group companies and its partners are granted access to User Information, they will strictly comply with the provisions described in this Policy.
  • The Company does not provide User Information to any third party unless required to do so by the authorities, or as required by law, or as agreed by the User per the terms of this Policy.
  • In addition to the cases where the Company has the right to share and provide information to third parties mentioned in this Policy, the Company will have specific notice to the User when it is necessary to disclose User Information to another outside party of the above purposes. In this case, the Company undertakes to disclose the User Information only with the consent of the User.


  • User Information will be stored and secure until a request for cancellation or User login and perform cancellation themselves.


  • The personal information of the User on the SPORTIVE MALL Application is committed to confidentiality by the Company in accordance with this policy. The collection and use of User Information are only done with the User’s consent as provided in Section 3 of this Policy or otherwise provided by law.
  • Confidentiality of all information exchanged/ exchanged by the User online at the safety data center level 1 of the Company (if any).
  • The Company has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of User Information. From time to time, the Company will coordinate with security experts to update the latest information on network security to ensure the safety of User Information when the User registers to open an account, access, use the features of the SPORTIVE MALL Application. When collecting data, User Information is stored and secured by firewall systems, access control measures, and data encryption.
  • The Company does not allow third parties to monitor or collect User Information on the SPORTIVE MALL Application, unless otherwise agreed by the User as set forth in Section 3 of this Policy.
  • The Company commits not to force users to use attached services by default when installing and using their applications.
  • Users are responsible for protecting their account information and do not provide any account-related information and password access on the SPORTIVE MALL Application to any other party. In the event that a User discloses information that results in a loss, the Company will not be held responsible for all arising problems.
  • The Company is not responsible for problems arising when the User accesses the SPORTIVE MALL Application from other websites which are not the Company’s official website or the official website of companies of AEON Group. The user must not use any tool or program to illegally interfere with the system or alter the data structure of the SPORTIVE MALL Application, as well as any other behavior to broadcast, encourage, promote activities for the purpose of intervention, sabotage or infiltration SPORTIVE MALL Application data, as well as acts prohibited by Vietnamese law. In the event that a User is found to have intentionally tampered with, fraudulent, distributed unauthorized information, etc. The Company reserves the right to transfer User Information to authorized agencies for processing in accordance with applicable laws.


The Company provides cookies or similar technologies, to collect information such as access history, User’s choices when accessing and using the SPORTIVE MALL App, etc. in order to increase the security experience and help the Company to understand the needs and preferences of the User to be able to provide better services.


In case the User needs to make a complaint about privacy or has any other issues that need assistance, please contact the hotline (028) 6288 77 33 the email address:

Upon receiving a request from the User, the Responsible Department is responsible for implementing technical and professional measures to verify the contents reflected and promptly addressed to the User. The processing time for reflections related to User’s personal information is 15 days.