The Blood Donation Event Returns | 07:30 ~ 10:00 on June 25, 2024

From 04/06/2024 to 25/06/2024
3th floor
SỰ KIỆN HIẾN MÁU NHÂN ĐẠO TRỞ LẠI | 07:30 ~ 10:00 NGÀY 25/06/2024

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    In this year 2024, the Humanitarian Blood Donation program continues to spread humanitarianism, attracting the participation of numerous customers with the desire to share and assist society. Donating blood is not only the best way to save others' lives but also an opportunity for each of us to appreciate the noble value of helping, spreading unity, and solidarity within the community. Let's join hands and spread this meaningful action, so that every donated drop of blood is a beautiful, meaningful act, providing encouragement, hope, and new life for those in need.

    Program Information:

    • Registration period: June 4th – June 24th, 2024
    • Event timing: 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM on June 25th, 2024
    • Venue: AEON HALL, 3rd floor, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon To ensure the best preparation, please register for blood donation following the steps below: Step 1: Download the AEONMALL Vietnam app Step 2: Access the homepage, select the "JOIN EVENT" feature Step 3: Join the "Humanitarian Blood Donation" event and fill in personal information Step 4: View the notes and save the blood donation date

    Important Notes:

    • Please bring your ID card when donating blood.
    • Do not stay up too late or consume alcohol the night before donation.
    • You may eat normally but avoid milk or coffee before donation. For further assistance, you can contact the AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon Fanpage for detailed information! Kindly arrive for participation before 9:15 AM. After this time, the organizers may accept blood donations depending on the actual number of participants. We appreciate your understanding and thank you sincerely.

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    Experience it all at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon - The ideal shopping and entertainment destination. Address: 30 Tan Thang Street, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City Hotline: Website: Fanpage: Instagram: Zalo:

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