"Explosive summer" with the most anticipated unique Korean series of 2024


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    This summer will be extremely explosive with a seriesKorean film thrilling to romantic. Are you ready to adventure into the exciting world of Korean dramas? If you still don't know what movie to watch, the movies below are great choices. After consulting, quickly order food and drinks to enjoy and watch movies!

    “Sweet as honey” with a series of youth and romantic dramas

    1. Lovely Runner (Carry me and run)

    This is a Korean youth film with time-travel elements that are very popular. The film is adapted from the web novel “내일의 으뜸” (roughly translated: The best for tomorrow) by author Kim Bbang. With a captivating script and many shocking twists, "Carry me and run" is a sweet love movie but not at all cheesy, but on the contrary extremely interesting.

    The film's content revolves around Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) - an enthusiastic fangirl who falls into despair after the death of her idol Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok). It is worth mentioning that it was Sun Jae who gave her the motivation to live when she once intended to end her life because she lost the ability to walk with her legs. An unexpected incident caused her to go back in time to 2008, reliving the age of 19. Taking this opportunity, she determined to approach and protect Ryu Sun Jae from death in the present.

    Premiere in Vietnam: from April 2024

    Presentation channel: Vieon

    Lovely Runner

    2. Frankly Speaking (Honest announcer)

    As a romantic drama, "The Honest Announcer" is also loved by the audience because it is "too funny". With a well-arranged script, natural dialogue and the presence of young comedy talent Go Kyung Pyo, the film will keep you entertained from beginning to end of each episode.

    Content overview, nThe main character of the movie is Song Ki Baek - a 33-year-old guy working as a broadcaster, described as extremely perfect with the outstanding quality of honesty. In fact, he lied many times and was reluctant to do things he didn't like to achieve his goals at work. Until the incident happened, he was electrocuted. Although he escaped death, from then on he could no longer lie. From here, many tragic and humorous things happened, especially in the relationship with the female variety show writer On Woo Joo (Kang Han Na).

    Premiere in Vietnam: from May 2024

    Presentation channel: Netflix

    Frankly Speaking

    3. The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (Romantic night in Hagwon)

    Gentle and attractive is what can be described about "Romantic night at Hagwon". With a cast of talented actors, the film clearly portrays the love of adults, with depth but also a few impassioned moments.

    The film tells the story of the love between two academy lecturers Lee Joon Ho and Seo Hye Jin. Lee Joon Ho had a job at a large company, but he resigned to return to the academy where he studied. Here, Lee Joon Ho met his first love, a Korean teacher named Seo Hye Jin. Everything that was very peaceful with Seo Hye Jin suddenly became chaotic when Joon Ho moved in. He is truly a "troublemaker", but because of this, the opportunity for love once again comes to the two of them.

    Premiere in Vietnam: from May 2024

    Presentation channel: tvN

    The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

    “Finding peace” with gentle movies that heal the heart

    4. Doctor Slump (The sad note of the doctor's life)

    The movie "Doctor Slump" is not only an emotional love story but also a true picture of the lives and work of people in the medical field.

    Yeo Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) are two talented doctors but face difficulties in their careers and lives. Jeong Woo lost his confidence after a controversial incident, causing him to face being slandered and losing his aura. Ha Neul also fell into a state of pressure due to being taken advantage of, gradually falling into depression. Their chance meeting opens up new love and new opportunities to change reality.

    Premiere in Vietnam: from January 2024

    Presentation channel: Netflix

    Doctor Slump

    5. The Midnight Studio (Ghost Photo Studio)

    Having similar motifs to "Moonlight Hotel", "Ghost Taxi", the movie "Ghost Photography Shop" borrows spiritual elements to convey humane messages in society. This is a unique Korean movie, an indispensable spice for you this summer.

    The film revolves around a mysterious, fastidious photographer and an enthusiastic lawyer of a photography studio that only welcomes the dead. The guests coming here are souls with many feelings and memories that need to be fulfilled. bar. The male lead Ki Joo (Joo Won) has a curse that means all descendants of the family will only live to be 35 years old because their ancestors stole a camera from the underworld to save their son's life. On the journey to help souls, will Kim Joo discover and find a way to break the deadly curse?

    Premiere in Vietnam: from March 2024

    Presentation channel: Vieon

    The Midnight Studio

    "Tense as a string" with the Korean crime-fiction series

    6. Chief Detective 1958 (Chief Inspector 1958)

    “Chief Inspector 1958” is a detective movie, thrilling but with a pleasant narrative, suitable to enjoy this summer. Not only does it have a crime-solving element, the film is packed with extremely reasonable and gentle humorous details, helping the prequel have a cheerful context. Later on, the movie will have more dramatic details with a faster pace. With views ranked second only to "Queen of Tears", this Korean film certainly does not disappoint.

    The film revolves around the journey of Park Yeong Han (Lee Je Hoon) - a humble detective, along with teammates Sang Sun, Kyung Hwan and Ho Jeong on the journey to preserve the balance of justice, during the Korean period. mired in violence and corruption. The whole team must face many difficult cases, many challenges from the power of the times, from the powerful. With solidarity and courage, the whole team solved the dark plots and exposed them to the light of social justice.

    Premiere in Vietnam: from April 2024

    Presentation channel: MBC

    Chief Detective 1958

    7. Blood Free (Dominate Creature)

    “Dominant Creature” is a science fiction thriller. This is considered a Korean film with a novel script, connecting many modern elements such as technology, politics, humanity, etc. If your taste is the mind-bending movie genre, don't miss the “Dominant Creature”.

    The film revolves around two main characters, Yoon Ja Yoo (Han Hyo Joo), CEO of BF - a leading biotechnology corporation in the world, and Woo Chae Woon (Joo Ji Hoon), a former officer, later worked as security for BF. Faced with the success of the artificial meat and cultured seafood production line, CEO Yoon Ja Yoo faced attacks from competitors and traditional livestock organizations. After a business owner commits suicide in her car, Ja Yoo hires Woo Chae Woon (Joo Ji Hoon) as a bodyguard. The two later gradually discovered many horrifying secrets, associated with socio-political factors.

    Premiere in Vietnam: from April 2024

    Presentation channel: Disney+

    Blood Free

    There are enough good movies, your job now is just to turn on the air conditioner and prepare food and drinks to sip while watching the movie. If you want to invest more for a complete movie-watching experience at home, prepare yourself with a mini speaker. Vivid sound will help you watch movies more attentively. If you have to travel a lot and want to take advantage of the time to watch movies, equip an additional headset to ensure a movie-watching experience without affecting the people around you. A backup charger is also extremely important to make sure the movie is not interrupted by "low battery".

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    Table of Content

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