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    Summer is the ideal time for children to participate in exploratory and creative activities. This is an important time to help children practice new skills and develop comprehensively. Instead of letting children glue their eyes to the phone or computer screen, parents should create conditions for children to participate in more useful activities!

    1. Group of indoor learning activities                                                                                                                                    

    1.1 Learn more about painting

    Painting is an extremely interesting and useful summer activity for children. Helps children develop creativity and artistic appreciation. Through drawing, children learn to express their emotions and ideas through images and colors. Painting is not only a subject that helps children entertain but is also a great tool to develop thinking and observation skills.

    In order for children to maximize their ability to draw, choosing a drawing center is extremely important. Parents should look for centers with a team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers. Teachers not only need to have knowledge about painting but also need to understand children's psychology and know how to inspire children's inspiration and creativity. A quality drawing center will provide a systematic curriculum, modern teaching methods and a friendly learning environment.

    One of the drawing teaching centers that meets the above criteria is Fine Arts TopArt, located on the 3rd floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. At TopArt, children will be guided by experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. The curriculum at TopArt is very diverse, from learning basic drawing techniques to advanced skills such as perspective, use of color and shape. Each lesson is an opportunity for children to explore and experiment with different artistic styles. This helps children not only improve their drawing skills but also develop their imagination and creative thinking abilities.

    ‘Summer activity’: Painting class at TopArt

    1.2 Learn more foreign languages

    Learning a foreign language is an important activity that helps children expand their horizons and communicate confidently. Mastering a foreign language brings many benefits to a child's comprehensive development. In particular, learning a foreign language early helps children easily absorb and pronounce more accurately. Among the popular foreign languages ​​that children should be exposed to from a young age, English plays an extremely important role and should be prioritized for development.

    For children to learn English effectively, choosing a quality education center is very important. Parents should look for centers with modern curriculum, advanced pedagogical methods and a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers. A good English center will create a friendly learning environment, stimulating children's interest and love of learning foreign languages.

    Foreign Language EXCEPT is one of the reliable centers that parents can trust. Located on the 3rd floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, parents can let their children have fun at the children's entertainment area in the shopping center. At ILA, children will learn according to international standard programs, focusing on developing comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Lessons at ILA are creatively designed, combining theory and practice, helping children easily absorb and remember.

    ‘Summer activity’: Study English at ILA

    1.3 Learn more music and vocals

    Music plays an important role in the comprehensive development of children. Learning music not only brings joy but also helps children develop intellectually, emotionally and socially. Through learning music, children learn to listen, feel and express their emotions in a subtle way. Music also helps children develop language skills, enhance memory and concentration.

    In addition, music also helps children develop social skills. Children learn how to work in groups, present in public and communicate more effectively. Musical activities such as performances and ensembles help children become more confident and enhance their communication skills. Music is also a bridge that helps children make friends, share their passions and learn from each other.

    Yamaha MusicSchool is a famous music and vocal training center with advanced teaching methods and diverse curriculum. At Yamaha Music School, children will learn how to sing properly and play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, and violin. The curriculum at the academy is designed to suit each age, helping children easily absorb and develop musical skills. 

    In addition, with its location on the 2nd floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu, Yamaha Music School is also extremely convenient for parents to pick up children after school and walk around this bustling commercial center.

    ‘Summer activity’: Music performance within the framework of Yamaha Music School activities

    1.4 Learn more smart math

    Mathematics plays an important role in children's intellectual development. Learning math not only helps children practice logical thinking but also develops problem-solving ability. Through learning math, children learn to think systematically, analyze and find solutions to complex problems.

    In addition, learning smart math also helps children develop concentration and patience. By solving math problems that require precision and concentration, children learn to be patient and not give up even when faced with difficulties. This helps children build confidence and perseverance in learning.

    Math Kumon (2nd floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon) is one of the prestigious smart math centers that parents can choose. Kumon is famous for its personalized teaching method, helping children develop their self-learning ability and logical thinking. At Kumon, children will learn from basic to advanced, suitable for each child's level and learning speed. The curriculum at Kumon is scientifically designed, helping children easily absorb and develop math skills.

    ‘Summer activity’: Learn math smart at Kumon

    2. Group of experiential activities

    2.1 Experiential tourism 

    Experiential travel is an extremely interesting and useful summer activity for children. Exploring new places helps children expand their understanding of the world around them and discover local culture and people. At the same time, traveling also helps children develop communication skills, independence and confidence.

    Before each trip, preparing the necessary items is very important to ensure comfort and safety for children. One of the reputable and diverse shopping addresses for children's exercise products is decathlon (1st floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon). Here, you can easily find all kinds of items such as clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, sports equipment and many other products, serving all your family's needs during your trip. upcoming experience.

    ‘Summer activities’: Summer experiences for children

    2.2 Learn a new sport 

    Learning a new sport helps children develop motor skills and body balance. This is beneficial for the comprehensive development of children from both physical and mental aspects. They will learn how to master their bodies, enhance reflexes and flexibility, thereby creating a solid foundation for participating in other sports activities.

    In addition, learning a new sport also helps children expand their understanding of the world around them and discover their personal passions. Through experiencing and trying different sports, children have the opportunity to discover their own interests and develop special skills in a positive and supportive environment.

    One of the important things when learning a new sport is making sure you are fully equipped with the necessary sports equipment. Decathlon not only provides outdoor and travel accessories but is also an ideal place to shop for sports and fitness products, from clothes and shoes to training tools and safety equipment. At Decathlon, you can find a variety of quality products at affordable prices, helping to best prepare your child before starting their colorful sports journey.

    ‘Summer activity’: Indoor rock climbing at tiNiWorld

    2.3 Search for new knowledge

    Exploring and finding new knowledge is an important part of children's development. Through learning and exploring, children have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop thinking skills and explore personal interests. This helps children develop confidence, curiosity and readiness to face new challenges in life.

    Learning and researching new knowledge can start by reading books. Reading books not only helps children expand their knowledge but also trains their language skills and logical thinking. Through each page of the book, children are exposed to new ideas, deeply aware of the world around them and develop critical skills.

    With Fahasa (1st floor AEON MALL Tan Phu), you can easily find all books on all topics, from textbooks to literature, science and art books. Buying original books at Fahasa is not only the best way for you to access knowledge and culture, but also a significant support for author copyright and the book publishing industry.

    ‘Summer activity’: Experience and buy books at Fahasa

    Through experiential summer activities, children not only discover and develop new skills but also create memorable memories and stimulate creativity. From learning new skills to challenging themselves through physical and intellectual activities, children have the opportunity to practice patience, creativity and problem solving. 

    Summer is here, please consult your child to choose extremely diverse and interesting summer activities to experience! More than 20 educational institutes and children's entertainment areas at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon waiting to welcome parents and baby!

    Table of Content

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