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    In the modern age, life imposes constant pressures, and we increasingly need to find balance in our mental health. Saigon is a city worth living in, but no less fierce, leaving us mentally exhausted. Finding inner peace is the method Heal Effective, helping us release negative emotions, adding positive energy for the upcoming exciting life journey. 

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon - healing location are waiting for you with unique entertainment and spiritual relaxation experiences. It is an ideal stop for you to find balance and peace in life.

    1. Immerse yourself in the intellectual paradise of Fahasa - Floor 1

    Located on the 1st Floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, Fahasa is not only a regular bookstore, but also an ideal destination for you to enjoy moments of self-discovery and the vast world of knowledge. . 

    Here, you can easily find the latest titles from many different genres such as literature, science, history, economics, art, and more. From academic books to entertainment books, Fahasa regularly updates its book list to meet the needs of all readers.

    Besides books, Fahasa bookstore also displays a lot of stationery and educational toys, stuffed dolls, control toys, and board game toys. Besides buying books, you can choose to buy interesting board games such as werewolves, secret language classes, dare to say and dare to do,... to play with a group of dear friends. 

    A good book can save us from negative thoughts and illuminate the path of healing we are looking for.

    2. Satisfy your passion for singing with Okara karaoke booth - Ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors

    When the stress and pressure of life makes you feel tired, why not try relieving stress by singing karaoke? 

    Music has great healing power, helping you feel more comfortable and release your emotions naturally. When you immerse yourself in familiar melodies and express your emotions through each song, you will feel more refreshed. Let music help you erase your worries and regenerate energy after mental trauma!

    Okara Studio marks the arrival of online studio first in Vietnam, opening a new space for users to freely express their passion for singing and record their own voices comfortably. At Okara Studio, you can easily record audio and video, receive files immediately with studio-standard sound and image quality.

    Let music relieve your emotions right now

    3. "Dissolve" into sports and entertainment complexes at Aim Box - 2nd Floor

    Sports is not only a way to maintain health but also an effective healing activity to relieve tension and relieve stress. Participating in sports activities with friends and family is not only an opportunity to strengthen relationships but also an opportunity to arouse excitement for yourself and those around you.

    Aim Box is a paradise for lovers sport with a series of exciting activities. From badminton, table tennis to basketball and other sports games, here you can enjoy diverse and extremely interesting sports experiences. With spacious space and professional equipment, Aim Box will bring you a wonderful sports experience, eliminating all worries and worries.

    Whether playing individually or in groups, the games at Aim Box are extremely stress-relieving and healing

    4. "Childhood journey" with Time Zone, Dream Games entertainment complex - 3rd floor

    Do you still remember your childhood days, the little joy of being taken to play at the game machines in the supermarket? Happiness back then was simple. Now that we are adults and have to face many life pressures, we no longer feel happy as easily as before. At least once, go back to your childhood memories Time Zone  and Dream Games at Level 3 AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. 

    Come in Time Zone, you will be fascinated by the colorful and attractive play space. With more 90 lines of game consoles Advanced technology imported directly from Japan, Australia and America, Time Zone is committed to bringing you a completely new and unique entertainment experience.

    With nearly 100 types of high-end machines, you can happily immerse yourself in the world of children 

    In Dream Games, You will experience exciting sports activities no different from the outdoors, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and multi-purpose sports fields. In addition, indoor sports games such as boxing, darts, archery, baseball, table tennis, billiards, and bull riding are also very attractive. This is a familiar healing place for many young people in Saigon on weekends and holidays.

    It's wonderful to return to childhood to heal the soul in the present

    5. Enjoy cinematic masterpieces at CGV Cinema - 3rd Floor

    Watching movies is not only a way of entertainment, but also a spiritual healing activity through the meaningful messages and positive life perspectives conveyed. Characters and stories in movies often bring emotional experiences and valuable lessons, helping us realize positive perspectives and new attitudes to life, thereby healing and strengthening our spirit. ta.

    When entering CGV cinema, you will go on a wonderful journey to explore the enchanting world of cinema. You will feel like entering another world, where all worries and pressures of life disappear. 

    Watching movies at CGV theater is a comprehensive experience, because the combination of comfortable space, lively sound and the aromatic flavor of popcorn, creates a state of relaxation and refreshment for the soul.

    Concentrating on watching a good movie will make all your worries disappear

    6.Recharge the happy hormones endorphins with exercises at California Fitness & Yoga (3rd floor)

    With California Fitness & Yoga, the gym is not only a place to workout, but also an exciting and motivating environment for you to develop your body and mind. With spacious space, modern design and quality workout equipment, the gym at California Fitness & Yoga is the ideal destination for everyone, from beginners to professional gymers.

    With a variety of fitness classes like yoga, zumba, pilates, and aerobics classes, you'll participate in fun and energizing activities. These exercises not only help your body grow strong but also stimulate feelings of happiness and comfort.

    Exercise can also help reduce stress and heal the mind

    7. Savor thousands of delicious dishes at a chain of unique culinary and beverage restaurants

    Eating not only brings nutrients to the body but can also help reduce stress and improve mood. When enjoying delicious foods, our bodies emit happy hormones, creating a feeling of comfort and excitement.

    Why don't you reward yourself with a delicious meal at the culinary paradise AEONMALL Tan Phu Celadon? This is where you can discover a world of diverse and unique dining; from Asian and European dishes, grilled, hot pot to fresh sashimi and sweet desserts. 

    If you love buffet, you can choose it Hoang Yen Buffet, Hutong, King BBQ, Manwah,... If you want to sip excellent cups of coffee, you can come Starbucks, Phin Deli, Highland… Besides, stillMore than 60 food and drink brands that you can freely choose to enjoy at the shopping center.

    | Refer to the buffet restaurant special at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    | Refer to the Coffee and dessert shop delicious at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    Cuisine is an effective method to heal anyone's soul

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is the ideal destination for those who are in need of relaxation and relaxation Heal soul. With diverse entertainment, relaxation and culinary activities, this is where you can relax your soul and find comfort after long, stressful days. Coming to AEON MALL, you will not only find joy but also interesting experiences, bringing positivity and optimism to your mental health.

    Table of Content

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