On sunny days go plowing, on rainy days read books! Don't miss out on "really healing" healing titles.


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    On rainy days, there is nothing better than sipping tea and reading a book healing books(self-help book). There are many ways to develop yourself, introspection and healing psychological injuries are also some of them. If you have ever read many titles labeled "self-help" but when you read them they don't really "stick". The list below has been named by readers as books that truly heal the soul, perhaps you will need it!

    1. Lagom: Swedish style of life balance - Jonny Jackson & Elias Larsen

    From its debut until the Vietnamese version was released, "Moderate" does not label itself as "self-healing". Lagom only revolves around what it wants to convey: the unique life philosophy of the Swedes - the happiest country in the world. And the secret of the people here is to "know enough", not too much, not too little, just enough to achieve balance and happiness in life.

    Looking back at the way of life in Asian countries, it is easy to see that we place too many financial expectations. What makes us less happy is unlimited expectations. What Swedes have been taught clearly since childhood, everything stops "just enough".

    The author teaches you how to apply Lagom to every aspect of your life. From how to manage time, work, to living space and relationships. Practical and easy-to-implement tips to help you find peace and contentment every day. Changing your way of thinking about life, you will understand that the worries in the past were caused by ourselves.

    ‘Book of Healing’: Lagom

    2. Heal childhood trauma - Oprah Winfrey

    "Healing Childhood Trauma" by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce D. Perry is a journey to discover the traumas from childhood that shape how they affect each person's current life. This book brings a wealth of knowledge. about psychology and development in children. Everything is drawn from research and surveys, not just "empty" words of comfort.

    The book has easy-to-understand language, suitable for all readers. The healing methods proposed in the book are also highly practical. You can easily apply these methods to your daily life.

    The book received high appreciation from psychologists and readers around the world. The book pushes us to have deeper conversations about mental health. This changes the way we perceive and deal with people who have experienced trauma. This is a good book, bringing great value in reshaping a more empathetic society.

    ‘The Healing Book’: Healing Childhood Trauma

    3. Healing the Wounded Child Within - Robert Jackman

    "Healing the Wounded Child Within" is the work of Robert Jackman. The book focuses on identifying and healing psychological trauma from childhood. Jackman helps you gain a deeper understanding of the impact of negative experiences on your current life. The author encourages you to look back at the past to identify trauma. Identifying trauma is extremely important to change the present.

    Every trauma in the past will leave a certain fear in the present. The book provides exercises to build confidence and self-esteem. Only through facing your fear can you overcome it. Confidence and self-esteem are the foundation for a happy and balanced life.

    ‘The Healing Book’: Healing the Wounded Child Within

    4. Health Medicine: Psychopathology - Pham Toan

    With "Health Medicine: Psychopathology", Pham Toan introduces common psychological disorders. He explains the causes and symptoms of each disorder. From there, you will have a more general view of psychopathology. The book emphasizes the importance of community support. This support helps patients recover quickly and build a more sustainable mentality.

    The book is a warning not to be subjective to the smallest signs of psychological instability. The author also shares easy-to-apply treatment methods. From behavioral therapy to cognitive therapy, you'll find ways to improve your mental health on your own. These methods are not only useful but also easy to implement in daily life. Not just a medical book, readers rate this as an empirical scientific healing book.

    ‘The Book of Healing’: Health Medicine: Psychopathology

    5. Mental Resilience: Overcoming Failure to Succeed - Bounce Back

    "Mental Resilience: Overcoming Failure to Succeed" is a book that helps you develop the ability to bounce back from difficulties. This is a journey to discover inner spiritual strength to achieve lasting success. Failure is not the end but the beginning of change. This book helps you understand that failure is a natural part of life. What's important is how you face and overcome it.

    The book provides strategies for you to build a strong spirit. From changing your thoughts to practicing gratitude, you'll learn how to increase your inner strength. These exercises are easy to do and can be applied immediately in daily life. This healing book also encourages you to share your experiences and support others. When you overcome difficulties, share your story to encourage and inspire others.

    ‘Healing Books’: Spiritual Resilience

    6. The Worry Trick - The Worry Trick

    Do you often feel anxious and can't seem to escape? "Anxiety's Hoax" is the book for you. The book is an interesting journey analyzing "anxiety". It often comes from negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. The book leads you to discover the roots of these emotions, helping you realize that anxiety is just a trick of the mind.

    The book provides techniques for changing the way you think about anxiety. You will learn how to effectively recognize and control anxious thoughts. Thereby reducing stress and anxiety in daily life. This healing book is truly necessary for those who have the habit of "thinking too much". You will realize that it seems like all the worries in your head are created by your mind.

    ‘Books that heal’: The Hoax of Anxiety

    7. Upward Spiral: Reversing Depression from Small Changes - Alex Korb

    "The Upward Spiral: Reversing Depression from Small Changes" by Alex Korb is a book for anyone who is dealing with depression or wants to better understand it. Or if you are looking for a healing book that is easy to understand and apply to improve your mental health, this book is for you.

    The book received many positive reviews from readers. They appreciate the combination of scientific theory and concrete practical exercises. Many people report seeing a marked improvement in their mental state after applying the methods in the book. The book's optimistic and hopeful message also received many positive responses from readers. The book not only helps them better understand depression but also inspires them to continue fighting and find joy in life.

    ‘The Book of Healing’: The Upward Spiral

    Where to buy genuine healing books to support the author?

    Choosing original books is a practical action to support authors and the genuine publishing industry. Original books often have better paper and printing quality. Original books help you have a more comfortable and pleasant reading experience. Beautiful book cover, smooth paper and clear text help you enjoy each page to the fullest.

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    Table of Content

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