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    Lately year,vegan cosmetics (vegan) flourished in the beauty industry, as a standard measure of beauty and humanity. Many sources of information surrounding vegan cosmetics can confuse consumers, making choosing cosmetics difficult. This may stem from a limited understanding of vegan cosmetics standards, as well as confusion about products labeled "cruelty-free" and "natural" versus truly vegan cosmetics. vegetarian.

    1. What are vegan cosmetics?

    Vegan cosmetics are cosmetics that are produced without any ingredients derived from animals or have been tested.Not tested on animals. This means that vegan cosmetic products do not use ingredients such as beeswax, animal collagen, lanolin and other animal derivatives.

    Instead, they often use herbal ingredients, vegetable oils and other natural compounds to provide nutrients to the skin in a safe way that does not harm animals or the environment.

    2. Why should you use vegan cosmetics?

    To answer this question, we can work backwards from the definition of "what is vegan cosmetics". Because the ingredients are completely made from plants and natural compounds, using truly vegan cosmetics will bring many environmental and humanitarian benefits.

    • Reduces waste and environmental pollution from conventional cosmetics production activities, helping to protect the natural environment

    • Demonstrate a humanitarian spirit and promote the development of a cosmetics industry that does not test on animals

    • Is a siren signaling the era of sustainable development of all economic aspects, including agriculture - industry and services

    • Benign for your skin because the ingredients in the product are mostly extracted from naturally occurring compounds - something that has nourished humans for millions of years.

    3. How to distinguish vegan cosmetics from regular and "cruelty-free" cosmetics

    Vegan cosmetics Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on animals during development, production and testing.

    Ordinary cosmetics cMay contain ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax, animal collagen, lanolin, and other derivatives. Conventional cosmetics may have been tested on animals during development, production and testing.

    "cruelty-free" cosmeticskNo animal testing during development, manufacturing and testing. This product may contain ingredients of animal origin, but the manufacturing process is committed to not injuring or causing pain to animals. In other words, a cosmetic that meets the "cruelty-free" standard does not necessarily meet the vegan standard.

    4. How to determine the veganness of cosmetics

    Now you have more information and can judge for yourself the veganism of cosmetics when shopping:

    Step 1: Check the certification label from the vegan inspection organization on the cosmetic packaging or other information confirming this is a vegan cosmetic such as characters in the product name, characters in the production information section.

    Step 2: Read the ingredient list and make sure the product does not contain animal-derived extracts listed in the “What are vegan cosmetics” section?

    Step 3: If you still cannot confirm, you can contact the store staff or the brand's customer service team directly for advice on choosing the right vegan cosmetics.

    You should also note that many natural cosmetic brands on the market use the word "natural" to describe their products. But you need to note that a product that is completely natural but has been researched and tested on animals cannot be called vegan cosmetics.

    Vegan certification labels are often found on vegan cosmetics

    5. Some outstanding brands


    Cocoon is a Vietnamese vegan cosmetics brand, born with the mission of bringing pure Vietnamese beauty to women. From discovering and using natural ingredients, Cocoon aims to provide safe and benign skin and hair care products.

    Cocoon is like blowing a new breeze into the country's beauty market when it uses selected local agricultural products to produce cosmetics such as Hung Yen turmeric, Dak Lak coffee, Cao Bang roses,...

    The Body Shop

    With the mission "Beauty That Matters", The Body Shop not only creates high-quality personal care products but also focuses on protecting the environment and community. This is one of the extremely popular natural cosmetics brands in the world.

    Products from The Body Shop have simple ingredients from nature, however not all products are vegan. But it's quite easy to choose the right one because all of The Body Shop's vegan cosmetics have the "Vegan" label printed on the packaging.


    Klairs is developed and manufactured in Korea, a country famous for its advanced cosmetics industry and high product quality. Klairs focuses on creating safe and effective skin care products for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. This brand puts natural and unique skin care first, with a commitment to not using irritating ingredients and ensuring skin safety.

    The common characteristics of vegan cosmetics are that they are extremely benign, gentle and suitable for long-term use

    I’m from

    I'm From is a famous cosmetic brand from Korea. This brand appreciates and maximizes the benefits of Korean natural specialties such as honey, green tea, rose, rice and ginseng, to provide the best nutrients for the skin.

    While not all of the brand's products are vegan, some I'm From products still qualify as vegan cosmetics.


    Innisfree is one of the natural cosmetics brands from Korea and is very famous in the Asian market. This brand is famous for using natural and organic ingredients from the Korean island of Jeju to create high-quality skin care products.

    Similar to many other cosmetic brands from Korea, not all Innisfree products are 100% vegan cosmetics. However, with antioxidant-rich ingredients grown in the unique soil of Jeju Island, Innisfree is still a high-quality natural cosmetics brand that cannot be ignored.

    The Face Shop

    The Face Shop is a cosmetics brand from Korea. The brand focuses on using natural and organic ingredients, such as fruits, herbs and plant oils, to create safe and effective skin care products.

    The Face Shop's vegan cosmetics are a product line with a higher segment, with pure selected ingredients and putting the environment and humanity at the center of the production and testing process.

    6. Stores selling vegan cosmetics in Ho Chi Minh City

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is an ideal place to shop for vegan cosmetics in Ho Chi Minh City. Because here, you can easily find reputable cosmetic retail brands, including a variety of vegan cosmetics.

    The Face shop - Ground Floor 

    Please visit the storeThe Face Shop on the ground floor of Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon to discover and experience the collection of natural and quality skin care products from this brand. At this store, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of products from cleansers, lotions, masks, to makeup and hair care. You can also easily find and buy the brand's vegan cosmetic products here.

    The Face Shop - A place to shop for diverse and high-end vegan cosmetics

    The Body Shop - Ground Floor

    At store The Body Shop, you will have the opportunity to experience and shop for a variety of products from shower gel, skin cream, room fragrance essential oils to makeup and hair care products. This brand's vegan cosmetics all have the "Vegan" label, which you can easily find on store shelves or contact support staff.

    The Body Shop - A brand with many famous vegan cosmetics in the UK

    Innisfree - Ground Floor

    comeInnisfree on the ground floor of Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon to discover and experience quality skin care products from this brand. The Face Shop always brings diversity and quality in products. At the same time, if you are looking for vegan products, check the ingredient list on the product or ask store staff for detailed advice!

    Innisfree - A place to experience high-end cosmetics from Jeju nature

    Beauty Box - Ground Floor

    As the exclusive distributor of more than 50 leading Korean cosmetic brands in Vietnam, Beauty Box owns a collection of more than 3,000 products serving all beauty needs, from makeup to skin care. , hair care to body care and more. Come nowBeauty Box, you can also find many extremely famous natural cosmetics brands.

    Beauty Box - A place to shop for cosmetics and skin care from over 50 brands

    Watsons - 2nd Floor

    On the 2nd floor of the shopping center, you can visit Watsons store to explore and shop for a variety of health care, beauty and cosmetic products from reputable brands.Watsons is the ideal destination for those who want to find quality products with a rich variety and good customer service.

    Watsons - A place that provides pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from a variety of reputable brands

    Thus, vegan cosmetics are not only a new beauty trend but also a smart choice for skin health, the environment and humanity. It is important to understand the standards and distinguish vegan cosmetics from other types of cosmetics. Go to cosmetic stores atAeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon, such as The Face Shop, The Body Shop, Innisfree, and Beauty Box, Watsons you will easily find quality and diverse products from reputable brands, includingvegan cosmetics.

    Table of Content

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