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    The diverse world creates opportunities for children to explore wonderful and novel experiences! However, children always need motivation to further develop their cognitive abilities, enriching their childhood experiences. Therefore, let AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon list activities that children can participate in to foster cognitive development and bring joy to the whole family!

    1. DIY - Develop Your Child's Hand Skills

    DIY (Do It Yourself) activities involve children in creating handmade products such as painting, crafting decorations, or assembling models from paper, wood, or plastic. This is an excellent method for children to develop their creative thinking and practical skills. By incorporating DIY activities into daily life, children not only hone their dexterity but also stimulate their imagination and creativity.

    Additionally, when they have to design and execute each step themselves, children learn how to plan, organize tasks, and solve problems when faced with difficulties. Completing a handmade product also gives children a sense of pride and accomplishment, helping to build confidence and a sense of responsibility. This in turn cultivates useful habits in their developmental process.

    Recognizing the importance of nurturing and developing your child's mind, at the Fun Zone on the 2nd floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, families can participate in activities such as sculpture painting, drawing, or assembling decorative items together with their children. This allows children not only to play but also to create their own genuine works.

    2. Model of Games - Children Explore and Train Their Minds

    Playing with models is a fun activity for the whole family that helps children test their abilities and develop their thinking skills. When children engage in assembling and playing with models such as puzzles like Lego, 3D puzzles, or building robots, they not only learn patience and precision but also develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    These games also help children improve their dexterity, especially in hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, when completing a complex model, children feel proud of their achievement, thereby enhancing their confidence and independence. Model games are not only entertainment tools but also effective educational means, helping children develop intelligence and skills comprehensively.

    Model games nowadays are widely popular and evolving over time. Children can explore a variety of models, which lays the groundwork for the development of their open-minded thinking.

    3. Music - Children Dance Along with Melodies

    Music is a wonderful activity that helps children develop their thinking abilities and appreciate art. Introducing children to music at a young age not only trains their concentration skills and musical appreciation but also helps develop their memory. Music also helps children develop their emotional expression skills. When children immerse themselves in their favorite melodies, they can relax and feel comfortable.

    Parents can expose children to music not only through learning to play musical instruments but also through attending music shows designed specifically for children. Activities such as singing and dancing should also be encouraged by parents. This helps children improve their communication skills and confidently express themselves in front of an audience, fostering comprehensive development of children's thinking, social skills, and creativity.

    Nurturing children's thinking from an early age is extremely important, and it's something every parent should pay attention to and invest in. With countless amenities at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, families can bring their children to have fun, promoting their cognitive development every summer!

    Table of Content

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