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    Summer is a relaxing time for your family to explore new and interesting fun spots together. In particular, finding a place Summer fun spot Both safety and fun are important to parents. In this article, we will introduce it to youTop 6 summer fun spots Ideal for children in Ho Chi Minh City. Let's explore together to choose the most suitable location for your baby.

    1. tiNiWorld: "Shock ticket deal" buy 3 get 1 free, buy 5 get 2 free

    Tenant tiNiWorld

    Tenant tiNiWorld is a shopping and entertainment paradise for children with colorful play space and guaranteed safety. Here, children will participate in physical games or educational workshops, stimulating creativity and developing social skills through interactive activities with friends.

    Tenant tiNiWorld's Education - Wisdom mission is to help children perfect the 5 essential elements for comprehensive development through activities and programs. Includes Intellectual/Cognitive, Emotional/Social, Gifted/Artistic, Physical/Motor, Language/Communication.

    Ticket price: Ranging from 150,000 - 180,000 VND/ticket (depending on area)

    2. CGV Cinemas: Enjoy life through a cinematic perspective

    Not only is it an ideal destination for movie lovers, CGV Cinemas also has a variety of lively animated movies for children. The experience of watching movies in theaters helps children develop their imagination and understand more about the world around them through a cinematic lens. From there, you can develop creative thinking and arouse children's passion for art in the future.

    Opening hours: Depends on movie showings

    Ticket price: From 75,000 VND

    3. Fanppekka: Discover your baby's future interests


    Fanppekka is a fairy tale world designed specifically for children, where they can freely explore building games.Based on the landscape of Finland in Northern Europe. In addition, you can experience everything from art to movement games. All are aimed at forming life skills through play and comprehensive development of children.

    Ticket price: From 130,000 VND

    4. Aim Box: Leading sports and entertainment complex

    For kids who love video games, Aim Box is the one Summer fun spot can not be ignored. With a diverse store of games, from puzzles to action like Shooting, archery, darts, ball throwing... provide a creative, seamless sports experience space that promises to be an interesting destination for children. Aim Box not only helps children entertain but also trains their reflexes and logical thinking.

    Ticket price: Depends on the game selected

    5. Dream Games: More than 200 interesting entertaining games

    Dream Games brings a digital entertainment space with more than 200 modern and interesting games. There are modern and attractive game machines and a series of entertainment events.This is an opportunity for children to interact and become familiar with technology through educational and entertaining games such as virtual reality racing, animal picking, football, fish shooting...

    Ticket price: Depends on the game selected

    6. Timezone: Developing children's strategic thinking


    Finally, Timezone is an indispensable destination on the list Summer fun spot for children.As a famous Australian family amusement park brand, TimeZone is equipped with modern facilities with 60 different games, to stimulate the brain and develop reflexes of hands, feet, eyes, etc. . of children.

    With a combination of digital entertainment games, Timezone not only brings excitement but also encourages children to develop motor skills and strategic thinking.

    Ticket price: From 50,000 VND


    Summer is an ideal time for children to explore, learn and develop after a hard time studying.The selectionSummer fun spot not only stopping at entertainment but also aiming at the goal of comprehensive development from physical to mental for children. To choose a suitable location, parents need to pay attention to each child's interests and personal characteristics, thereby giving them meaningful and memorable summer experiences.

    Don't miss the opportunity to create wonderful memories for your children during the exciting summer days in Ho Chi Minh City. Wishing all families a fun and happy summer together, enjoying every moment with themSummer fun spotfor the children.

    Parents can take their children to experience all of the above summer fun spots at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.

    Address: 30 D. Tan Thang, Son Ky, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City

    Table of Content

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