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    After a stressful week of studying and working, you want to have a relaxing weekend filled with fun and delicious food. Or try Japanese food this week! Each Japanese dish is often designed delicately and carefully, complying with many processing rules to ensure the natural flavor of the pure ingredients is retained. 8Delicious Japanese restaurant The following are definitely great choices for your weekend party!

    1. Sukiya beef stew and ramen restaurant - 1st floor

    Sukiya is a leading fast food restaurant chain in Japan, founded in 1982, and now has more than 2,600 stores worldwide.

    If you are looking for a delicious Japanese restaurant to enjoy traditional dishes such asstewed beef rice (Gyudon), grilled beef rice (Yakiniku-don), fried pork rice (Tojidon), curry rice, ramen noodles Sukiya is a place not to be missed. The menu is diverse and reflects most everyday Japanese dishes, this is a culinary restaurant worth trying.

    Sukiya ramen noodles with sweet and rich soup

    2. Gyu Kaku grilled hot pot restaurant - 1st floor

    Known as Japan's number one grilled hot pot, Gyu Kaku offers a variety of a la carte menus, combo menus and buffet menus.

    Here you can enjoy BBQ dishes from meatthe Wagyu side and Kiwami hot pot, Shio Chanko hot pot. famous Diverse menu of side dishes, suitable for all tastes and dietary preferences such assashimi, sushi, udon noodles, cold noodles, seaweed soup, spicy beef soup, Japanese pancakes. This is one of the delicious and diverse Japanese restaurants that you should experience this weekend!

    This weekend do you want to try grilled hot pot at Gyu Kaku?

    3. Pho Dinh Uraetei BBQ Restaurant - 1st Floor

    Pho Dinh Uraetei brings you a Japanese culinary trend that is completely different from what people usually think of Japanese food. Meat ingredientsPremium Wagyu beef The unique marinade sauce is what makes every diner come back a second time.

    Next togrilled food and hot pot Hot, you and your family will also have a filling dinner with the menudeep fried dishes (chicken, octopus, pork cutlet), stone bowl mixed rice, stir-fried udon noodles, spicy soup udon noodles,... 

    Come to Pho Dinh Uraetei to enjoy premium Wagyu beef

    4. iSushi Japanese buffet restaurant - 1st floor

    iSushi is a famous Japanese delicious buffet restaurant with the highest consumption of salmon and seafood in the Vietnamese culinary market. This is a familiar meeting place for many families and groups of friends every weekend and holiday season.

    This restaurant brings customers the most quintessential Japanese culinary experience with more than 100+ excellent dishes, including more than 30 dishes made from premium ocean salmon. Next tosushi, sashimi iSushi also offers a rich menu of dishesmaki, tempura, mì udon, mì ramen and many other dishes.

    A feast of sashimi and Japanese seafood with the famous iSushi

    5. Ushi Mania stone grilled beef restaurant - 3rd floor

    Ushi Mania famous for its unique and high-quality cooking style, focusing mainly on serving beef grilled on hot stones. This is a delicious and unique Japanese restaurant, suitable for diners who love the experience of Japanese cuisine.

    Ushi Mania offers a variety of premium baking ingredients such asAging beef, lobster. Using the Beef Aging method, fresh cuts of beef are carefully selected and undergo a long, sealed aging process. The balanced incubation technique used by Japanese chefs helps the enzymes in fresh meat naturally secrete, softening the meat fibers and creating an extremely attractive characteristic aroma. When you come here, don't miss the dish Grilled beef ribs, grilled T-bone tenderloin, grilled shoulder core, grilled sirloin.

    Enjoy the unique soft and aromatic flavor of Aging beef at Ushi Mania

    6. Sushi Kei hot pot - sashimi restaurant - 3rd floor

    Sushi Kei is a famous sushi brand, bringing customers a quality and diverse Japanese culinary experience. With fresh ingredients and thoroughness in the processing process, Sushi Kei has attracted the popularity of many diners.

    Coming to Sushi Kei, you can enjoy a diverse menu of Japanese dishes such assashimi, sushi, grilled Japanese eel, grilled salmon, grilled saury, grilled herring, somen noodles,... If you are looking for a delicious Japanese restaurant to dine with friends, family or friends, colleagues, come try Sushi Kei!

    A standard Japanese dinner with sashimi and warm hot pot at Sushi Kei

    7. Marukame fresh udon noodle restaurant - 3rd floor

    Marukame famous for the freshness and uniqueness of its handcrafted udon noodles right at the counter, creating a unique culinary experience for customers.

    Each udon noodle dish at Marukame is prepared with care and meticulousness, with a range of topping options such as chicken, beef, tempura, eggs, vegetables and spices, allowing customers to customize to their preferences. individual. Some noodle dishes you should try when coming to Marukame areSpicy seafood udon, bukkake egg beef udon, spicy teriyaki udon, tonkotsu udon, spicy miso mushroom beef udon, Fried pork curry udon,...

    Come to Marukame now to enjoy authentic Japanese udon noodles

    8. Hachiban ramen restaurant - 3rd floor

    Hachiban is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy delicious and diverse ramen noodles. In particular, Hachiban provides a rich noodle menu with a variety of ingredients such as pork, beef, eggs, and char siu so customers can choose ramen noodles according to their own preferences.

    Hachiban is considered by diners to be a delicious Japanese restaurant with dedicated service. Some noodle flavors that you should try when dining here aretonkotsu ramen, seafood shoyu ramen, char siu miso ramen, tomyum and steamed shrimp ramen, teriyaki chicken shoyu ramen.  

    Standard Japanese ramen noodles with a variety of unique toppings at Hachiban

    Now you have the answer to “What to eat on the weekend?” then right? Japanese cuisine is very rich, delicate and gentle, extremely suitable for you and your family to enjoy on the weekend.

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a place where many people gatherdelicious Japanese restaurant and unique, fully satisfying the culinary tastes of everyone and every family. If you don't have any plans this weekend, then try stopping by the shopping center and dining at the Japanese restaurants here!

    Table of Content

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