100 extremely cool and meaningful names for the hottest babies in 2024

100 tên cực hay và ý nghĩa dành cho bé hot nhất 2024

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    Lovely little angels are all life, happiness, smiles and joy of parents around the world. The crisp and innocent smiles of children are like warm candles lit in every family's home, warming the hearts of parents during the tiring days of the hustle and bustle of life outside. . Therefore, it is important to give your baby a good name, a meaningful name that contains all the hopes that parents put in, to wish for their child's life to always be successful. Complete and full as the name you give becomes very important.

    Next, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon will give parents some suggestions on good names for their babies, which not only have good meanings but also bring luck to the babies with the hope of wishing the parents Find a name you like and wish your babies will always grow up to be healthy, lovely, beautiful and successful like the names their parents have put all their trust and hope in for their children

    Good names for baby girls

    DIỆU ANH – My clever daughter, everyone will love you
    QUỲNH ANH – A girl who is smart and charming like a Quynh flower
    TRÂM ANH – Belonging to a noble and dignified family in society
    NGUYỆT CÁT – Your life will be full of happiness
    TRÂN CHÂU – Children are a string of precious pearls for their parents
    QUẾ CHI – Cinnamon tree branches are fragrant and precious
    TRÚC CHI – Slender, graceful bamboo branches
    XUYẾN CHI – The flower of the Yen Chi is slender, like a brooch for green hair
    THIÊN DI – The birds of the sky come from the North
    NGỌC DIỆP – The jade and elegant leaf
    NGHI DUNG – Elegant and kind appearance
    LINH ĐAN – Mom's beautiful little deer
    THỤC ĐOAN – Be a gentle and dignified girl
    THU GIANG – The autumn river is gentle and gentle
    THIÊN HÀ – Children are the whole universe to their parents
    HIẾU HẠNH – Be filial to your grandparents, parents, and have perfect virtue
    THÁI HÒA – The desire to bring peace to all people
    DẠ HƯƠNG – A gentle, modest flower that blooms at night
    QUỲNH HƯƠNG – You are a gentle, shy little fairy
    THIÊN HƯƠNG – A beautiful girl, as seductive as the scent of heaven
    ÁI KHANH – The beloved girl
    KIM KHÁNH – Children are like precious gifts given by the king
    VÂN KHÁNH – The sound of the cloud bells hums and sounds sweet
    HỒNG KHUÊ – The door to a girl's home
    MINH KHUÊ – Be the star that always shines, my child
    DIỄM KIỀU – You are as beautiful as a princess
    CHI LAN – Cherish your friendship, my child
    BẠCH LIÊN – Be a white lotus bud that radiates a fragrant fragrance
    NGỌC LIÊN – Lotus flower made of luxurious jade
    MỘC MIÊN – A precious, noble flower, like a girl's reputation
    HÀ MI – You have beautiful eyebrows like a winding river
    THƯƠNG NGA – A girl is like a precious bird, gentle and benevolent
    ĐẠI NGỌC – A large, precious pearl
    THU NGUYỆT – Shine like the autumn moon
    UYỂN NHÃ – Your beauty is elegant and elegant
    YẾN OANH – Be innocent like a little bird, chirping and singing all day long
    THỤC QUYÊN – You are a beautiful, gentle and lovely girl
    HẠNH SAN – Your virtue is as red as crimson
    THANH TÂM – I hope your heart is always pure
    TÚ TÂM – Parents want their children to become people with a kind heart
    SONG THƯ – Be a talented and beautiful lady of your parents
    CÁT TƯỜNG – Children are joy and a good omen for parents
    LÂM TUYỀN – My life is as elegant and quiet as forests and streams
    HƯƠNG THẢO – A gentle, soft fragrant herb
    DẠ THI – Night poem
    ANH THƯ – I hope that when I grow up, I will be a heroine
    ĐOAN TRANG – Be a modest, modest girl
    PHƯỢNG VŨ – The dance of the phoenix
    TỊNH YÊN – My life is always peaceful and serene
    HẢI YẾN – The brave seabird that overcomes the winds and storms.

    Beautiful names for boys

    THIÊN ÂN – You are a blessing from heaven
    GIA BẢO – It's my parents' savings
    THÀNH CÔNG – Hope you always achieve your goals
    TRUNG DŨNG – You are a brave and loyal boy
    THÁI DƯƠNG – The sun of parents
    HẢI ĐĂNG – You are a bright light in the middle of the night sea
    THÀNH ĐẠT – Hope you make a career
    THÔNG ĐẠT – Be a wise person, understanding all things in life
    PHÚC ĐIỀN – I hope you always do good
    TÀI ĐỨC – Be a talented and talented guy
    MẠNH HÙNG – A muscular man
    CHẤN HƯNG – Wherever you are, that place will be more prosperous
    BẢO KHÁNH – You are a precious bell
    KHANG KIỆN – Parents want their children to live peacefully and healthily
    ĐĂNG KHOA – Please pass every exam
    TUẤN KIỆT – I hope you become an outstanding person in the world
    THANH LIÊM – Live pure
    HIỀN MINH – I hope you are a virtuous and wise person
    THIỆN NGÔN – Speak the truth, my child
    THỤ NHÂN – Growing people
    MINH NHẬT – Be a sun
    NHÂN NGHĨA – Know how to love others, my child
    TRỌNG NGHĨA – Appreciate words in life
    TRUNG NGHĨA – Two virtues that parents always hope their children will keep
    KHÔI NGUYÊN – I hope you always come first
    HẠO NHIÊN – Live uprightly and with integrity
    PHƯƠNG PHI – You should become a healthy and generous person
    THANH PHONG – Be a cool breeze, my child
    HỮU PHƯỚC – I hope your life's path is smooth and full of luck
    MINH QUÂN – I will always be wise and fair
    ĐÔNG QUÂN – You are a god

    Above is a summary of good names for boys and girls. Once again, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon greets and wishes parents to find a good and meaningful name for their baby as desired!

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    Table of Content

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