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    Organic food In recent years, there have been many breakthroughs in farming technology. But among countless organic clean food brands, which are the good quality products at affordable prices? Let's explore some reputable organic food brands, standard production processes and especially extremely suitable for Vietnamese budgets!

    1. TopValu Organic

    Owned company: AEON TopValu Company

    Organic is the name of a sub-brand of the TopValu Green Eye product line. Product of TopValu Organic is produced and processed according to organic standards, ensuring no toxic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, or unwanted additives are used. This is the ideal choice for those who are interested in clean, organic food and environmental protection issues in farming and production.

    The list of products under this TopValu Organic brand includes honey, fruit jam, green tea, wine, noodles, juice, etc. With extremely flattering Japanese style packaging, you can buy these products. Organic food under this brand is extremely reasonable to give as a gift or to use.

    In addition, TopValu also has product lines targeting different consumers:

    • Mainstream aims to improve the quality of life through high-value products

    • Select places emphasis on input materials, production processes and new generation quality standards

    • Best Price is always at the forefront of prices in the market, providing good products at affordable prices, suitable for the budget of Vietnamese families.

    • Green Eye aims to provide safe products for humans with a commitment to being environmentally friendly. Green Eye includes 3 sub-brands: Organic (organic), Natural (natural) and Free From (no synthetic chemicals).

    TopValu Organic is a green brand with non-GMO foods

    2. Vinamit Organic

    Owned company: Vinamit Joint Stock Company

    Vinamit Organic Farm is located in Phu Giao town, Binh Duong province with an area of ​​more than 150 hectares with more than 54 plant varieties. This is one of the clean food brands that has achieved many certificates of organic and farming standards in Vietnam.

    As a green brand, Vinamit is not only committed to producing to meet organic standards, but is also known for its mission of supporting local farmers to connect with distributors after harvest. With many standard certifications, Vinamit Organic is also considered an environmentally friendly brand.

    Vinamit Organic's strong products are vegetables, dried fruits and nutritious seeds. The brand's products have been distributed to many stores and supermarkets nationwide. Some dried fruit products have been exported to China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, America, Europe,...

    Vinamit Organic and innovative organic Vietnamese foods

    3. Xuan An

    Owned company: Xuan An Nutrition Food Company Limited

    Right from the first years of operation, Xuan An has positioned itself as a nutritious food brand, good for everyone's health. Therefore, the company's raw material sources and processing processes are always researched and improved to bring elite finished products to consumers.

    Vietnam is a country with a high rate of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Xuan An also uses these studies to design ingredient lists for sugar-free or less sugar-free products that are more friendly to Vietnamese consumers. .

    Some famous clean organic product lines of Xuan An are granular oats, oatmeal powder, chia seeds, and pure quinoa seeds. Organic products from Xuan An are committed to being non-GMO foods.

    Xuan An products have high quality and prices are very suitable for Vietnamese people

    4. Bragg

    Owned business: Bragg Live Food Company

    Bragg is an American nutrition and organic food brand. Bragg was founded in 1912 by Paul C. Bragg, a leader in the fields of nutrition and health care. With more than a century of existence and development, this is one of the organic brands familiar to many families around the world.

    Bragg's most famous product is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, made from pure organic apples. Not only is it a favorite ingredient in cooking, it's also an important source of nutrients, prized for its many benefits for digestion and weight loss. Besides apple cider vinegar, Bragg also has a number of other clean organic products such as organic olive oil, organic coconut oil dressing and organic spices.

    Bragg with a list of extremely popular organic foods

    5. Markal

    Owned business: Markal Company

    Markal is an organic clean food production business located in the organic farm area of ​​Drôme, France. Established in 1936, Markal is currently one of the oldest organic food brands in France. The company voluntarily associates with gardeners and producers meeting organic standards in agricultural zones, operating based on close supervision and support of input materials and production processes.

    More than 80 years old, Markal has developed more than 800 types of organic foods. With a production process committed to high sustainability, the products here are all non-GMO foods, without residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are harmful to the environment. Markal is considered by many consumers to be an environmentally friendly brand.

    Markal is an organic food brand trusted by many "eat clean" believers

    6. Kim Thien Loc

    Owned enterprise: Rach Gia Organic Agricultural Products Farmers Cooperative

    Kim Thien Loc is a familiar organic rice brand in Vietnam. Kim Thien Loc is the result of changes in awareness about the negative impact of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in rice farming on human health.

    The sustainability of the organic food brand Kim Thien Loc minimizes the risk of foodborne illness and at the same time ensures consumer safety. This is an environmentally friendly brand in Vietnam that you should support and try once.

    Kim Thien Loc is a reputable and pure Vietnamese organic rice brand

    7. Happy Vegi (HV)

    Owned enterprise: Huong Dat Production and Trading Service Company Limited

    Happy Vegi is a farm chain specializing in growing vegetables, fruits and herbs according to organic standards in Vietnam. Not only aiming to provide organic food to consumers nationwide, Happy Vegi's farm system creates job opportunities for hundreds of workers in highland areas.

    Currently, Happy Vegi is a supplier of Vietnamese organic food including clean vegetables and processed herbs to many supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. In addition, Happy Vegi also provides digital transformation support services for many farms, aiming to meet organic standards. As a green and clean brand, Happy Vegi carries the desire to green all Vietnamese farms.

    An organic farm of Happy Vegi home garden system

    Reputable place to buy Vietnamese organic food in Ho Chi Minh City

    Except for some clean organic food brands that are only open for retail, most of the remaining brands such as Vinamit Organic, Xuan An, Organica, Happy Vegi (HV) can be purchased at some supermarkets and convenience stores. profit.

    AEONMALL Tan Phu Celadon is a reputable location in Ho Chi Minh City, distributing many non-GMO food brands that meet hygiene and safety standards. Here, you can find most of our products7 organic food brands above. Fresh fruit and vegetable products here are always imported by refrigerated trucks and sold out within the same day.

    Try visiting the shopping center directly or shopping at home with many of the above happy hour deals AEONMALL SHOP ONLINE Please!

    Table of Content

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