95% of women take care of their hair incorrectly, the more they care for it, the more tangled it becomes


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    Have you ever wondered why your hair, even though you take good care of it, is still not as soft and shiny as you want? Surprisingly, these habits hair care What seems like a good thing can actually be harmful to your hair's health. This leads to a situation where the more "cared for" hair becomes, the more tangled and damaged it becomes. Let's explore useful solutions to keep your hair healthy and bouncy!

    What mistakes in hair care cause damaged hair?

    1. Choosing the wrong hair care product

    Not all hair care products are suitable for your hair characteristics. Each hair has its own characteristics depending on the nature of the scalp and hair porosity.

    Head skin divided into many types such as oily scalp, normal scalp, dry scalp or sensitive scalp. Choosing a hair care product that is not suitable for your hair's needs makes the hair care process "do more harm than good", not cleaning enough and not moisturizing either.

    Hair porosity reflects the ability to absorb and retain moisture; Low hair porosity has the ability to absorb moisture slowly but also retains moisture well, medium hair porosity absorbs and retains moisture quite well, high hair porosity has the ability to absorb moisture well but retain moisture poorly. If your hair has low porosity, work hair care Using conventional products can easily cause excess oil to accumulate, causing weight on the hair, making it prone to breakage. On the contrary, low porosity hair is susceptible to dryness if you don't find the right type hair care “enough dollars”.

    Choosing hair care products that suit your hair condition is essential

    2. Wash your hair too often compared to your hair's needs

    Many women have the habit of washing their hair every day, sometimes twice a day, with the concept that the cleaner the hair, the better. In fact, washing your hair too often can strip the natural oils from your scalp, causing dryness and irritation. 

    For people with oily scalps, this habit can also stimulate the oil glands on the scalp, causing oily skin. And because it gets greasy quickly, women try to wash their hair more frequently, becoming a habit cycle, causing hair to become increasingly weak even after using many products. hair care expensive.

    3. Wash your hair with hot water

    It must be admitted that washing your hair with hot water feels highly relaxing, but in fact this is not washing your hair properly and is not good for your hair. Hot water can dry out the scalp, which in turn causes the skin to secrete more oil to avoid dehydration, easily leading to itching and dandruff. Let's start properly nourishing your hair by adjusting your hair washing habits properly!

    Stop washing your hair with hot water if you don't want your hair to become more and more frizzy

    4. Blow-dry hair at high temperature with high frequency

    Blow drying your hair can make your hair dry faster and look thicker and more voluminous. Therefore, many women choose to blow-dry their hair instead of letting it dry naturally. In fact, drying your hair at high temperatures is often not the correct way to dry your hair.

    These problems stem from the high heat from hair dryers causing dehydration and damaging the natural structure of the hair. Continuous and dense impact also increases the risk of damaging the hair structure and losing its natural elasticity, making the hair more susceptible to breakage when subjected to force such as stroking and combing.

    5. Do not cover your hair when exposed to the sun and wind

    UV rays from the sun can damage the structure of hair, causing loss of natural moisture and discoloration due to sunburn, even causing breakage. When traveling on the road, the impact of wind can tangle and twist hair strands, causing hair to lose its shape, greatly affecting aesthetics. No hair care product can completely protect your hair from the sun and wind, but protection plays a key role.

    Sunlight is a major cause of hair discoloration and split ends

    6. Comb your hair and go to bed while your hair is still wet

    With busy work, many women feel tired at the end of the day and can't wait to rest. So after showering, comb your hair and go to bed right away while your hair is still wet. 

    When hair is wet, hair becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage than dry hair. Brushing your hair at this time can cause a lot of hair breakage, especially when using traditional combs that have poor detangling ability. In addition, going to bed with damp hair will facilitate the condition Bacteria and fungi grow on the scalp, causing skin problems such as itching and dandruff. 

    7. Tying or styling your hair too tightly

    When tying your hair too tightly, pressure on the hair strands can cause tension and weaken the hair structure, leading to hair breakage. In addition, styling your hair too tightly can also damage the scalp and cause skin problems such as stress and headaches.

    8. Using too many hair care products at the same time

    Using too many hair products can clog pores, clog the scalp, and cause a feeling of heaviness. In addition, product buildup on hair can also make hair heavier and harder to control. Not only does this take away the natural look of your hair, but it can also cause scalp health problems, like irritation and root acne.

    How to keep your hair smooth and bouncy

    1. Choose care products suitable for your hair type

    First you need Determine hair porosity. You put some clean, dry hair in a cup of filtered water and wait for 5 minutes then read the results. If your hair stays floating on the water, you have low hair porosity; If your hair hangs in the stem of the cup of water, you have medium hair porosity; and if the hair sinks to the bottom of the glass, you have high hair porosity.

    • For hair with low porosity: You should choose hair care products with low pH (close to the normal pH of hair), small molecule hair conditioners such as grapeseed oil, rosemary oil, argan. These oils will limit the heaviness and clogging of hair than other hair creams and conditioners. 

    • For hair with medium porosity: You can use hair masks to provide nutrients and gentle moisture to your hair. Besides, you can also add nourishing oils such as coconut oil and jojoba oil.

    • For hair with high porosity: You need to increase nutrients through hair creams that contain deep moisturizing and hair-restoring ingredients such as shea butter, keratin, collagen, biotin, vitamin B5, urea. 

    Understanding hair is the first successful step on the journey to healthy hair

    2. Wash your hair properly

    To wash your hair properly, you need to note the following to ensure the hair cleaning process is effective and does not cause additional pressure on your hair:

    • How often to wash your hair: Depends on hair type and scalp. But in general, washing your hair every other day for oily scalps and every two to three days for normal and dry scalps is appropriate to maintain the natural moisture of the hair and scalp.

    • Water temperature: If your hair is oily, you can wash your hair with warm water (38 to 40 degrees Celsius), if you have problems with dry hair and itchy dandruff, wash your hair with cool water (34 to 36 degrees Celsius) .

    • Washing time: Should last 7 to 10 minutes including conditioning and rinsing the hair. Because the longer your hair absorbs water, the more it will become brittle and break. 

    • You need to massage gently while washing your hair, avoid scratching too hard as it will cause scratches on the skin

    3. Dry your hair properly

    When drying your hair, controlling the temperature is very important to prevent your hair from becoming dehydrated and damaged. To dry your hair properly, you need to use a warm drying temperature and keep it about 15 to 20cm away from your hair. While drying, if you feel your hair becomes too hot, you need to stop temporarily to cool down 

    Additionally, you can try the brand's high-quality heat control styling dryers like Supersonic Dyson. These smart dryers can continuously measure airflow temperature with many precise heat levels, helping to protect hair from heat damage and maintain shine.

    Choose dryers with heat levels from 60 degrees Celsius - This is a comfortable temperature for hair drying

    4. Protect hair from sun and wind

    To protect your hair from the effects of sunlight, you need to apply protective measures such as using sunscreen on your hair, covering your hair when going out with a wide hat or beanie, and limiting time exposed to sunlight. directly, especially during periods of intense sunlight. In addition, using hair conditioner also helps protect and moisturize hair when exposed to dry wind.

    5. Only brush and detangle your hair when it is dry

    First, choose a comb with soft material. Start combing from the ends of your hair, gently detangling this part of your hair first. Then continue to detangle the hair shaft and finally comb your hair from roots to ends. Note that during the process of combing your hair, you only use light pressure and slowly, to limit the amount of hair breakage. Remember, let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry it properly to completely dry your hair before you start brushing.

    Where to shop for reputable hair care products in Saigon?

    If you need to shop hair care products High quality, try cosmetics store Watsons and MediCare in 2nd Floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. Here, you can access many reputable hair care brands such as Fino, Tresemmé, L'oréal, Tsubaki, Dr.Forhair, Dove,... with a variety of product lines from shampoo, conditioner, conditioning cream, hair mask to hair conditioner. You will have many choices suitable for your hair condition and characteristics.

    And if you are interested in the hair care equipment Modern products like dryers or stylers with hair protection technology, visit a home electronics store Dyson in ground floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. This is a famous brand with high-tech products, focusing on protecting the health and beauty of your hair. 

    Arrive AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon and product shopping hair care It's good for your hair!

    Table of Content

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