How long has it been since you washed your bedding? Don't underestimate the dangers of dirty bedding!


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    The bed is truly a paradise at home. This is a place where you can comfortably let go of your worries and return to pamper yourself. However, to make the bed both a place of mental comfort and health safety, you need to clean the bed regularly. Wash blankets, pillows and mattresses Regularly will help keep the bed clean and fragrant, bringing a comfortable feeling for a peaceful sleep.

    1. Harmful effects of not washing bedsheets and mattresses regularly

    1.1 Accumulation of disease-causing bacteria and viruses

    Bedding and mattresses that are not washed regularly will accumulate many viruses that are harmful to the body. This increases the risk of infectious diseases through contact. Once the immune system is weakened, you are easily attacked by these pathogens.

    1.2 Causes allergies and asthma

    For people with a history of asthma, the no wash blankets, pillows and mattresses frequently increases the risk of asthma recurrence. For normal people, sleeping with dirty bedding and mattresses can cause allergies. Common symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, red rash and itchy skin.

    Do not wash bedsheets, pillowcases and mattresses regularly as this can cause skin allergies

    1.3 Mold and unpleasant odors

    Mold thrives in damp and unsanitary environments. Do not wash bedsheets and mattresses and dry them regularly as this will cause mold to grow. At this time, not only will the sheets and blankets smell musty, but your whole room may also be smelly.

    1.4 Reduce sleep quality

    Dirty bedding and mattresses contain many dust mites, sweat and oils secreted from the skin. The sticky feeling will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. It is more difficult for you to fall asleep because of the lack of comfort, and your overall sleep may also be disrupted. In the long run, this negatively affects your physical and mental health every morning.

    1.5 Major causes of acne 

    Imagine sleeping with your face pressed against an "unclean" pillowcase day after day. How much dirt will accidentally stick to the skin, clogging pores and causing acne. If you still take good care of your skin but your acne won't go away, check when was the last time you washed your pillowcase?!

    1.6 Affects aesthetics and product longevity

    Are not wash blankets, pillows and mattresses Frequently not only causes the fabric color to become yellow but also leads to a "dark needle" condition. And because we wait too long to clean it once, we tend to soak it in the laundry longer, easily causing wear and tear, and even "exploding" the fabric. All of these conditions of bedding and mattress covers are very unaesthetic, directly affecting long-term product quality. 

    When in reality, a quality set of bedding, pillows and mattress will not be cheap. We should still choose how to use the product so that it can maintain long-term durability.

    Not washing bedsheets, pillowcases and mattresses regularly will cause product quality to deteriorate

    2. How to wash bedding and clean pillows and mattresses as clean as new

    2.1 How to wash sheets and blankets to keep them clean and fragrant for a long time

    The first question to ask is "How often should you wash sheets and pillowcases?". According to recommendations from many sleep product brands, the frequency of cleaning sheets and pillowcases is once a week. In case you are too busy, you can flexibly clean it once every 2 weeks. 

    Step 1: Each type of blanket will have a different composition, so washing instructions will always be attached to the product. You need to refer to this user manual first to make sure the washing steps below do not damage the fabric structure.

    Step 2: Sorting blankets and pillowcases is a necessary step that cannot be overlooked. With blankets and pillowcases of different materials and colors, you need to divide them into multiple washes. This will prevent fabric damage or color fading.

    Step 3: After sorting, you need to shake off the dust and dirt on the sheets and pillowcases. This not only helps the washing step to be cleaner. It also helps your washing machine increase its lifespan.

    Step 4: You should use specialized laundry detergent to dab on stains and wait about 10-15 minutes before officially starting washing. This step allows the detergent to work effectively in removing stains, helping blankets and pillowcases to be washed cleaner.

    Step 5: The effective way to clean, smell good bedding and pillows is to use fabric softener that has a long-lasting scent. Currently on the market there are many types of fabric softeners with superior scent retention formulas. In addition, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the fabric softener to make the fragrance more clear. Your bedding and mattress will always smell fresh all week long.

    Step 6: Finally, dry the sheets and pillowcases in a place with light sunlight and plenty of wind. You need to make sure the products are completely dry but still not affected too much by heat and UV rays.

    Maintain weekly washing of bedding and mattresses

    2.2 How to clean pillows and body pillows without losing their shape

    It is a fact that many families forget to clean pillows and body pillows (pillow inner part). Many people have the habit of only cleaning the sheets and pillowcases. In fact, you should proactively clean your pillow once a month. Because of fear of losing shape, many people do not clean their pillows often or clean them very superficially. 

    For latex pillowcases, due to their natural mold resistance, every week when cleaning the pillowcase, you just need to shake off the pillow surface to limit dust and dirt adhesion. To be more careful, you can use a mattress vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair and other dirt from the pillow.

    For cotton pillowcases, cleaning the pillow is somewhat more complicated. You need to choose specialized detergents and liquids to wash pillowcases. You will do the same thing as washing clothes by hand, trying to rub out yellow stains or wringing out the entire pillow. Washing the pillowcase gently and carefully not only helps the pillow stay cleaner but also helps the pillow retain its shape longer than machine washing. 

    You can choose to wash the pillowcase by hand or dry clean it at the store

    2.3 Basic ways to clean mattresses at home

    Experts recommend that you should have a basic mattress cleaning every 3 months and have your mattress professionally cleaned at a cleaning service every 6 months. Cleaning wet mattresses takes a lot of effort, and requires specialized skills and tools. Therefore, to save time, effort and improve mattress cleaning efficiency, you should hire a professional cleaning service every 6 months. Besides, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon will also guide you on how to clean basic mattresses at home, which is quite easy to do. You can flexibly clean your mattress right at home.

    Necessary tools: Vacuum cleaner, baking soda, soft brush, clean towel, mild soapy water, water spray bottle, fan (if available).

    Step 1: Remove the mattress cover and use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle to remove dirt, debris, and hair from the surface of the mattress. Remember to carefully vacuum the gaps and edges of the mattress!

    Step 2: Use a damp cloth to gently wipe stains on the mattress surface (if any). Remember to only use water or benign cleaning solutions to wet the towel, do not use strong detergents and do not pour water directly onto the mattress.

    Step 3: Sprinkle an even layer of baking soda over the entire mattress surface and wait about 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on mattress thickness and cleaning needs. Baking soda will help eliminate odors and absorb moisture from the mattress to the outside.

    Step 4: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove baking soda from the mattress. Next, take the mattress out to dry in a cool place until dry, avoid direct sunlight as it will affect the mattress structure.

    You should maintain dry mattress cleaning every 3 months

    3. How often should bedding and mattresses be replaced? 

    Replacing bedding and mattresses at the right time is important to maintain hygiene and ensure sleep quality. Replacement time will vary depending on each type of product such as sheets, pillowcases, pillowcases and mattresses.

    3.1 For blankets and pillowcases

    Bedding and pillowcases should be replaced about every 1-2 years. These products come into direct contact with the skin, absorbing sweat, oil and daily dirt, reducing durability and breathability over time. Regularly replacing sheets and pillowcases not only helps maintain hygiene but also ensures the health of the user, avoiding the risk of bacteria and allergies.

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    3.1 For pillow inserts

    Pillow inserts need to be replaced about every 1-2 years. Over time, pillowcases tend to lose elasticity and shape, no longer providing good support for the neck and head. This can affect sleep quality and cause neck problems. Replacing pillow inserts regularly helps maintain optimal comfort and support, ensuring good sleep and good health.

    Normally, you can buy pillowcases directly at bedding and mattress stores. without having to buy retail. If you want to buy high quality and diverse bedding products, pillowcases and pillowcases, you can refer to them Akemi Uchi and Lizd at 2nd floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. Here you will experience testing more than 1,000 high-end sleeping product codes.

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    3.1 For mattresses

    Each type of mattress has a different usage time. Some types should be replaced every 3-5 years like pressed cotton mattresses, some can be used for 8-12 years like spring mattresses, and more than 20 years like rubber mattresses. You can make the decision to replace your mattress based on personal usage experience and observations. Change your mattress when you feel that the shape of the mattress has changed a lot, affecting your sleep quality. 

    Mattresses can lose elasticity, develop dents and no longer support the body well after a long period of use. Maintaining a mattress for too long can cause back and spine problems, negatively affecting sleep quality. Replacing your mattress regularly helps ensure comfort and optimal sleep support, helping you get deeper and better sleep.

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    Besides wash blankets, pillows and mattresses Often, it is also important to choose high-quality sleep-related products. A good night's sleep will bring many benefits to physical and mental health. Choose for yourself bedding and mattress products with clear origins, and follow the usage instructions from the manufacturer to protect long-lasting product quality.

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