The secret to increasing your baby's resistance and disease prevention before the rainy and sunny weather


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    The weather has been changing erratically lately, sometimes it's sunny and then it's rainy. This type of weather makes it difficult for your baby's weak immune system to cope. Furthermore, the risk of measles, dengue fever and hand, foot and mouth disease in children is also increasing. Refer to the secret now Increase baby's resistance and effective disease prevention in sunny and rainy seasons!

    1. Why is it especially important to increase your baby's resistance when changing seasons?

    1.1 The baby's immune system is not yet mature enough to adapt

    Children, especially those under 5 years old, have an immature immune system and are still developing. When the weather changes suddenly, the baby's body has not had time to adapt, easily leading to diseases such as colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Strengthening your baby's resistance helps the immune system become stronger and fight pathogens more effectively.

    1.2 Rainy season weather causes diseases in children to increase

    The humid environment in the rainy season and unstable temperature are favorable conditions for the development and spread of many pathogens. By strengthening resistance, your baby's body will be able to prevent and destroy pathogens, reducing the risk of cold season diseases.

    1.3 Children are more susceptible to allergies when seasons change

    The transition to the rainy season is often accompanied by an increase in pollen, dust and other allergens in the air. Once an allergic attack occurs, the baby's body will lose a lot of energy to recover. At this time, it is very easy for the virus to attack the immune system. Increasing your baby's resistance and protecting him from allergic agents is also a way to help prevent disease.

    1.3 Create a foundation for your baby to develop comprehensively and healthily

    A healthy immune system not only helps your baby fight against pathogens but also supports comprehensive development. Your baby will have more energy, eat better and develop comprehensively physically and mentally. Not only during the rainy season, but in any season of the year, parents need to focus on increasing their baby's resistance. 

    'Increasing your baby's resistance' is essential during the rainy season

    2. Doctors give instructions on how to increase your baby's resistance when changing seasons

    2.1 Good nutrition is the golden key for resistance

    Nutrition plays an important role in strengthening your baby's immune system. Ensuring your baby is provided with adequate nutrients will help his or her body stay healthy and able to fight off disease-causing agents.

    👉 Make sure to get enough protein

    Protein is a structural component of immune cells and growth of organ systems in the body. Protein also plays an essential role in strengthening your baby's immune barrier. Parents can provide animal and vegetable protein for their babies. But there is still priority for animal protein, because there are some essential amino acids for the body that are only found in animal meat.

    👉 Encourage your baby to eat green vegetables and fruits

    Encouraging children to eat green vegetables and fruits is an important measure to help strengthen children's resistance and protect their health. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, A, E, and zinc, which help support immune function and increase the production of white blood cells.

    If your baby cannot eat vegetables or fruits directly, parents can make them into smoothies, ice cream or mix them with yogurt to make them more delicious.

    👉 Use additional foods to support your baby's nutrition

    In addition to providing nutrition for your baby through daily meals, parents can supplement your baby with other supportive foods. Fish oil and immune-boosting syrup for children not only help provide more nutrients but also stimulate appetite.

    Currently on the market there are many nutritional support products for babies, but the quality issue is still controversial. Food is for consumption by the baby's body, so choosing high quality products is extremely necessary. Parents should look to buy complementary products for children from reputable mother and baby brands with a commitment to origin and quality.

    My darling is also a famous brand of mother and baby products in the market, always ensuring the origin and quality of the products. This transparency and reliability has helped the Con Cung brand become a companion of many parents on the journey of raising their children. Located on the 2nd floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, you can now bring your small family to Con Cung to have fun and shop for baby products.

    👉 Make sure your baby drinks enough water every day

    Water helps maintain basic body functions and supports the immune system. Make sure your baby drinks enough water every day, especially on days when the weather changes.

    A nutritious diet is the best way to help 'increase your baby's resistance'

    2.2 Pay attention to hygiene for your baby and the surrounding living environment

    Although keeping the living environment clean does not help increase your baby's resistance, it does play a role in protecting your baby from disease-causing agents. Bathing and cleaning your baby's body regularly will remove dirt and bacteria that can cause illness. Parents also need to use specialized hygiene products for their baby's sensitive skin.

    Parents also need to clean their baby's surfaces, toys and everyday items regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi. At the same time, keeping the living space clean and airy will create favorable conditions for your baby to develop physically and mentally.

    Besides 'increasing baby's resistance', parents need to clean the living environment

    2.3 Let your baby play and exercise properly

    During the rainy season, taking children to outdoor play areas can pose some risks to their health. Wet and cold weather can make your baby susceptible to colds or other health-related problems, especially when your baby is directly exposed to rain and wind. Therefore, if not necessary, parents should avoid taking their children to outdoor play areas in rainy and windy weather.

    Instead, there are some safe and convenient alternatives that parents can implement to keep their babies entertained and active indoors. Parents can arrange indoor physical activities such as playing games, jumping rope, or exercising with their baby. This not only helps the baby move comfortably, but also helps connect emotionally between the baby and the family.

    Additionally, indoor entertainment complexes are also a great choice. These play areas are often designed to be safe and fully equipped, helping children freely explore and develop motor skills without worrying about being cold or affected by outside weather conditions. 

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a great entertainment spot for children and at the end of the day.. This is the convergence point for children. children's entertainment area famous as tiNiWorld, Fanpekka, Dream Kid; and the gaming area diverse genres Dream Games, Timezone. With a system of facilities and cool air conditioning, the whole family will have fun experiences here. No need to worry about your baby being bored on rainy days, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon has enough fun for your baby to experience at each age. 

    Being able to exercise properly at home or in the play area helps your baby feel excited

    2.4 Equip your baby with clothes and accessories to keep warm

    During the rainy season, equipping your baby with clothes and accessories to keep them warm is an indispensable part of protecting your baby's health. Tiny bodies are easily affected by cold and wet weather, so choosing appropriate and high-quality clothing is important. During the rainy season, you should prioritize choosing clothes made of wool, cotton, soft shell and polar fleece for your baby. These fabrics have the ability to keep warm well, do not secrete, and are extremely benign for baby's skin.

    If you are looking for new clothing and shoe brands for your baby, don't miss it Love Kids, Bala Bala and Rabity at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon! These brands all have their own distinct styles, but they have one thing in common high quality fabric and diverse designs. Helps your baby stay warm effectively but still comfortable when exercising and playing with friends.

    Prepare appropriate clothes for your child to go to school and at home so that your child is always comfortable

    The rainy season is here, besides work Increase baby's resistance, parents need to focus on protecting their children from surrounding pathogens. Respiratory infections, dengue fever, and hand, foot, and mouth disease in children are rainy season diseases that need to be guarded against. Supplementing your baby with adequate nutrition, keeping the living environment clean, dressing warmly and allowing your baby to exercise properly are effective measures to help children always have healthy resistance.

    Table of Content

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