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    Dark, dark skin is always a big obsession for us every summer. If you don't take good care of your skin in this weather, your skin will quickly become sunburned and dull. Sohow to whiten skin Which is suitable for summer, helps deeply nourish and optimally protect skin from the sun?

    Harmful effects of not taking care of your skin

    • Skin is too dry or too oily: An imbalance between oil and moisture in the skin can lead to more serious problems such as too dry skin causing irritation and inflammation, or too oily skin creating favorable conditions for the development of acne and congestion. pores.

    • Acne problems: Lack of skin care is often accompanied by acne problems, from acne to inflammatory acne, causing low self-esteem and negatively affecting our mood and confidence.

    • Uneven skin tone: Sun exposure, inflammation or dark scarring can cause the skin to lose its uniformity and shine. Not receiving timely care makes the uneven color condition more serious.

    • Dark skin, freckles: The effects of sunlight and the aging process can cause problems such as dark skin and freckles, greatly affecting the aesthetics of the face.

    • Skin aging: Not taking care of your skin is also an important factor in the skin aging process, reducing elasticity and firmness and increasing the risk of wrinkles and sagging in the smile lines, corners of the eyes, and forehead. ...

    • Dark skin: This is a condition of melanin accumulation, which can come from genetics or from unprotected sun exposure, causing the skin to lose its radiance and freshness.

    Consequences of neglecting daily skin care

    Summer skin whitening tips

    1. Minimize skin care steps

    During the summer, simplifying your skin care routine is essential to ensure your skin always has "space to breathe". Instead of using many products, choose one that has many uses, and prioritize liquid products that are easily absorbed into the skin. This is also a way to help the skin become smoother, without having too many layers of skin care.

    You should also focus on cleansing your skin more thoroughly, removing dirt and sebum buildup in your pores. Summer weather makes it easier for us to sweat, and our pores will become more clogged. It is extremely important to unclog the skin and pores. Because the skin is cleansed, the nutrients from the following skincare steps can penetrate and be effective.

    2. Choose a gentle whitening product

    When it comes to skin whitening, many people will believe that they should use products containing Vitamin C, Niacinamide, etc. But in the summer, sunlight has a stronger impact on the skin, so using skin care products is a bit "heavy". This can make the skin more sensitive and easily irritated. You can try using other gentler whitening agents such as Alpha Arbutin to minimize sensitivity and irritation when exposed to the sun.

    Prioritize gentle whitening treatments instead of using treatments during the sunny season

    3. Be careful with sunburned skin

    During the summer, you will easily experience sunburn, such as on the neck, forehead, arms or feet. When your skin is sunburned, take good care of it by rinsing it with water and limit the use of skincare products on that area. Using chemicals on wounded skin will increase the risk of ulcers, which will make the condition worse and more difficult to heal later.

    Once the skin has healed, dark spots will often appear, so it is necessary to use dark-reducing products immediately to prevent dark spots from becoming more serious. Don't let the bruise last long, because the longer it lasts, the harder it is to fade.

    4. Moisturize and hydrate with a mask

    Skin whitening will no longer be effective if the skin is not moisturized and hydrated enough. No matter how high-quality whitening active ingredients you use, skin that lacks moisture will still be more susceptible to darkening and roughness, losing its natural shine. The way to keep your skin smooth and bright is to always make sure your skin is moist and hydrated.

    During the summer, skin often loses water quickly due to the effects of sunlight and a dry environment. The moisturizing mask provides a large amount of water immediately, helping the skin become dry again and retain moisture for a long time. Masks often have a soothing effect on the skin and create a cool feeling, helping to soothe the skin after exposure to hot sun and bring a refreshing feeling. Best of all, the mask can be washed off immediately after application, limiting the accumulation of excess product on the skin compared to using lotion, very suitable for use in the summer.

    Applying a paper mask provides quick nutrients and a cool, relaxing feeling

    5. Whitening care combined from oral and topical routes

    Combining oral and topical whitening care is a smart choice to bring bright and even skin tone. This takes advantage of the benefits of both methods, helping to enhance the skin whitening effect from the inside and outside. At the same time, this combination also ensures the provision of antioxidants, moisture and necessary nutrients for the skin. Helps protect skin from the effects of summer UV rays and free radicals. Helps skin become soft, smooth and radiant. This helps bring natural, bright white skin and confidence to you, from the inside out.

    But to use whitening functional foods effectively and ensure health safety, you need to be consulted by a dermatologist on the appropriate dosage. Products recommended by doctors will also be more reliable, and above all, doctors can understand and closely monitor your condition when using the product.

    6. Can't forget sunscreen even for one day

    Using sunscreen daily helps keep your skin youthful, healthy and minimizes signs of premature aging caused by UV rays. In addition to the effects of sunlight, the skin also faces other harmful agents such as pollution and dust. When applied, sunscreen creates a protective layer on the skin, helping to shield the skin from the effects of these agents.

    The most sustainable way to whiten your skin is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. If you don't do this step well, your skin can become more tanned and darker. Use sunscreen suitable for your skin type with a minimal ingredient list to reduce irritation as much as possible.

    Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, whether it's rainy or sunny

    Place to buy reputable skincare products

    When buying skincare products, choosing reputable cosmetic distribution stores is very important. This ensures you receive genuine, quality products that are safe for your skin.AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a high-end commercial center, containing many cosmetic stores with prestigious brands such asMediCare, Watsons (2nd Floor), The Face Shop (ground floor). We guarantee you will have access to thousands of genuine, high-quality skin whitening and moisturizing products.

    At the same time, with a large, cool shopping space and professional customer care service, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon brings a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for you in this hot summer

    Table of Content

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