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    Black Valentine's Day is a unique and interesting custom originating from Korea. In contrast to the romantic atmosphere of traditional Valentine's Day, in Korea the holiday provides a space for single people to share and confide about their emotional experiences. Speaking in the language of modern youth, Black Valentine is reserved for the group of "lonely" people. On this day, young single people will gather together to hold parties to "reward" themselves as well as create opportunities for themselves.

    The meaning of Black Valentine's Day shows that even without a lover by their side, single people can still have fun, be happy and enjoy the time when they don't belong to anyone. Today, everyone, let's join AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon to learn more about gifts for this day!

    1. Flowers for Black Valentine's Day

    Just like the name of Black Valentine's Day, in Korea, on occasions like this, before meeting each other, they often use a bouquet of black roses to express their feelings. With black color, it shows sophistication in choice, it will be extremely impressive if you are learning more about a certain story that makes the bouquet meaningful!

    2. Cakes and Chocolate – BreadTalk Ground Floor

    With Bread Talk, this brand is a brand from Singapore, entering the Vietnamese market as well as many countries in Southeast Asia and has caused a new breeze in Vietnam. Transform bread into many different dishes - increase the value of the dish. So what do you think about a cake for Black Valentine's Day?

    In addition to bread, BreadTalk also has many types of cakes, especially if you are looking for a chocolate cake for Black Valentine's Day, BreadTalk is definitely the top choice. Besides the brand, the products from BreadTalk are all very high quality from choosing the best and freshest materials to make the products for consumers.

    Among them, there is an extremely suitable cake here that will be very suitable for Black Valentine's Day -Chocolate Mousse. Surely your Dating session with this cake will definitely make the date "sweet".

    BreadTalk AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    • Address: No. 30 Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08:00 - 22:00

    • Hotline : 028 3847 2085

    3. Souvenir shop at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    a. Minigood – 2nd floor

    The Minigood brand is one of the brands specializing in consumer goods from Korea. With quality always meeting Korean quality standards, all products here are always loved by many customers.

    We can see consumer goods here such as shoes, health care accessories or more, home decor kits. It's very lovely if you give them unique and practical gifts like this.

    b. Kohnan Japan - ground floor

    Is one of the leading brands from Japan. Kohnan's supermarket chain appears in almost all major shopping centers in Vietnam. By providing household products to serve daily life activities.

    All customers coming to Kohnan can comfortably shop for items such as: wooden products, kitchen tools, household appliances, interior and household equipment, plants and decor stationery. In addition, there are many types of entertainment products for all ages. Especially the quality meets Japanese standards. All customers always have good reviews about price and quality.

    If you are looking for a meaningful souvenir product for Black Valentine's Day, you can take a look around KOHNAN Japan to find the gift you want!

    c. Miniso – 2nd floor

    Miniso is a globally famous brand with products of modern fashion, safe quality and reasonable prices. Miniso currently has 3,500 stores in over 80 countries and territories including: America, Australia, Japan,... and many other countries. In Vietnam, Miniso has over 40 stores nationwide and is expanding to 200 more stores including at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. When coming to the store, people can choose useful items for their family and themselves such as Household appliances - Cosmetics - Personal items - Stationery - Digital accessories - Jewelry - Furniture. Seasonal – Fashion accessories and handbags – Food at great prices

    Especially teddy bear products are very popular with young people. Among them, "strawberry bear" is the top selling item at Miniso. You can choose an extremely cute Strawberry Bear as a special gift for a friend

    4. Himalayan aromatherapy store

    If you are a fan of essential oils, then surely the name Himalaya is no longer strange to anyone who is interested.Himalaya is a retail chain of products that create fragrance for every moment in every living space, private living, work, business, exercise and relaxation,...: Home Fragrance - Car Fragrance - Hotel Fragrance | Spa | Shop,.. with many different types of products and scents, and products that support health care with natural fragrance!

    Definitely if you want a gift full of sophistication and uniqueness. Then a gift of aromatic essential oils from the Himalayan brand would be an extremely good gift. The essential oil products here have hundreds of unique scents that always make you admire their diversity. As well as having more options suitable for your family's living space.

    Even if it's just one dayBlack Valentine Little known but certain. When you need a reason to give to someone you care about, it really doesn't matter anymore. Hopefully the above sharing can help you have more options for a sweet Black Valentine's Day! Especially with the unique locations at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon will help you get the gift you want.

    Table of Content

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