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    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon will be an interesting destination because this is not only a shopping center with a variety of products, but also owns a system of many unique cafes and restaurants. You can easily choose the ideal meeting place for you and your loved one. After shopping and having fun, you and your loved one can visit 4coffee shop Below you can enjoy a menu of super delicious coffees and drinks from Asian to European tastes. Let's explore!

    1. Starbucks - Ground floor

    Starbucks is a famous coffee chain globally, this is the ideal destination for great dates in Saigon. This coffee shop space is simply decorated but still extremely sophisticated with a smartly arranged lighting system, keeping the space bright but still cozy.

    Starbucks' menu is very diverse, including both Vietnamese and foreign coffees. You can choose both iced and hot drinks to suit your preferences. Fromespresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha,... frappuccino to fruit tea, Starbucks all have all kinds of drinks for you to choose from. It also sells some light dishes such as croissants, danish peach pie, danish pineapple pie, muffins, cookies and sandwiches; You can use it when drinking coffee.

    As a brand that cares about the environment,Starbucks Encourage customers to bring reusable cups to the store instead. If you follow this coffee shop for a long time, you will know that Starbucks regularly launches seasonal cup collections with premium design and high quality. This will be a meaningful gift that you can give to your other half!

                                                                        Starbucks often releases beautiful cup collections during the holidays

    2. Highland - Ground floor

    Highlands Coffee is not only a familiar coffee shop for those who love the taste of Vietnamese coffee, but also an ideal destination for dynamic dates in Saigon. With an airy decoration space, Highlands always gives you a feeling of comfort and relaxation from the first step into the restaurant.

    When talking about Highland, you cannot ignore itGolden lotus tea, iced matcha, iced chocolate and premium phindi coffee drinks. These drinks have an extremely unique recipe, which customers call the soul of the brand. In addition, the menu also includes a variety of other drinks and snacks such asPate breadsticks, mousse cake, caramel cake, green tea cheese cake,...

    Ingredients for making drinks at Highland are typical agricultural products of Vietnam's mountainous regions. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and premium fresh tea leaves are carefully cultivated on the basalt red soil plateau. Raw materials are harvested from the gardens of Vietnamese farmers, creating a rich source of consumption, helping local specialties reach more customers through drinks at coffee shops.

                                                                       Sweet ice-blended matcha or rich, fragrant black coffee - Which is your taste?

    3. Katinat - Ground floor

    Katinat is a drink brand that has been loved by young people in recent years. The space of this coffee shop is decorated delicately and luxuriously and is extremely stylish. The shop's lighting system is also reasonably arranged, balancing the yellow and white colors. From there, it produces extremely sharp photos, a popular check-in point for many young people. It can be seen that Katinat focuses on perfecting every detail, wanting to bring customers thoughtful service.

    On Katinat's menu you will find traditional coffee and espresso lines. If you are a lover of strong coffee with high caffeine content, options such asblack coffee, milk coffee orfaint silver Katinat's will be the perfect choice for you.

    In addition to traditional coffee dishes, the menu of Chained There are also unique formulas such ashazelnut latte, or almond latte, dedicated to diners who love the gentle and pleasant taste of coffee. In addition, this coffee shop also has some other cool drinks such as fruit tea and smoothies if your other half cannot drink coffee.

                                                                       Katinat has a diverse menu from bold flavors to light and refreshing dishes

    4. Phin Deli - 1st Floor

    Phin Deli is an extremely unique and creative coffee shop in Saigon, famous for its intimate and simple space, along with delicious and diverse coffee drinks. Coming to Phin Deli, you will experience not only a delicious cup of coffee but also a unique coffee culture experience of Vietnam.

    In Phin Deli's menu, you will find traditional coffee lines from Asia to Europe such asfilter coffee andmilk coffee, silver coffee, americano, latte Meticulously and delicately prepared from high quality coffee beans. In addition, Phin Deli is also famous for its herbal teas and fresh fruit drinks, suitable for all tastes. The shop's natural herbal tea is prepared from specialty ingredients such as green tea, black tea, and chrysanthemum tea to help customers enjoy the delicate and gentle flavor.

    Arrive Phin Deli, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks and enjoy a peaceful space, creating memorable experiences for your holiday date. What are you waiting for? Schedule a visit to Phin Deli right away!

                                                                                      Phin Deli is a paradise for Vietnamese coffee lovers

    Whether it's a romantic date during the holidays or simply relaxing time together after stressful working days, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a destination that you and your other half cannot miss. With a variety of shopping, entertainment and chain amenities coffee shopfamous One of the best places in Saigon, this place will be an ideal date spot for you to enjoy and save romantic and peaceful moments together

    Table of Content

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