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    This weekend, reward yourself with relaxing moments with friends and relatives. A glass of sweet milk tea or a glass of cool ice cream can help you instantly lift your excitement. Discovery or chainmilk tea shop andcream Delicious and delicious, not to be missed when visiting AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon!

    1. Shuyi herbal jelly milk tea - Ground floor

    Shuyi is a multinational milk tea brand, with the first store opened in 2007 in Chengdu - China. The entire Shuyi herbal jelly product line is preferredPrepared from fresh milk instead of fatty flours and ingredients rich in trans fats. Besides, the topping is also made fromthefolk medicine familiar as mist, meaningful.

    The menu of this milk tea shop is quite diverse, ranging from fresh tea, milk tea to fruit tea to suit the taste of many customers. Among them, some outstanding drinks you must try include:

    • Best-selling drinks: Herbal Jelly Fresh Milk,

    • Creative drinks: Duong Chi Cam Lo or Camellia Orange Oat Milk

    • Best-selling toppings: Herbal Grass Jelly, Black Jelly, Black Sugar Pearls and Taro Pearls

    Located on the ground floor of AEONMALL Tan Phu Celadon, you can easily find the store Shuyi with youthful green color. You can choose to drink on the spot or take away, enjoy cool milk tea while exploring the rich shopping stalls at the shopping center.

    Visit Shuyi now to enjoy fresh herbal jelly tea

    2. Gong Cha premium milk tea - Ground floor

    Gong Cha - Chinese meaning"Royal Tea", originated in Taiwan. After nearly 20 years of establishment, Gong Cha has made its mark on customers in every country it has visited, gradually becoming a symbol of quintessential milk tea cuisine.

    Gong Cha is the destination for those who are passionate about authentic flavors and excellent quality. The menu of this milk tea shop is extremely diverse, the result of a long journey of research and creation of premium drinks:

    • Best-selling drinks: Green Tea, Alisan Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Olong Milk Tea, Red Bean Pudding Milk Tea

    • Creative drinks: Aiyu Lemon, Peach Pink Plum and Apricot Seed, QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea

    • Best-selling toppings: Brown Jelly, Pudding, Aiyu Jelly, Milk Cream

    Always considered to have a cozy and high-class space thanks to wooden furniture and yellow lighting. Gong Cha Not only is it an ideal place to enjoy premium milk tea, but it is also a suitable place to meet friends and loved ones.

    When you come to Gong Cha, you must try the Black Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

    3. Dairy Queen premium fresh ice cream - Ground floor

    Dairy Queen, one of the leading ice cream brands in the world, is more than 70 years old and is famous for its high-quality soft ice cream and sweets. Made mostly from fresh milk, chocolate and fruit, but with a unique recipe, the brand brings ice cream cups with excellent and unique flavors.

    Dairy Queen's menu is a unique combination of many premium ice creams such asIce Cream Sundae, Waffle Ice Cream, Cone Ice Cream, Snow Ice Ice Cream and the most famous isUpside Down Ice Cream. Some best-selling ice cream flavors that you should try at least once when coming to Dairy Queen areOreo, Kitkat, Chocolate Green Tea, Melon Almond, Vanilla, Strawberry and Raspberry.

    Located on the ground floor of the shopping center, Dairy Queen There is an open space, suitable for you and your family to stop by and enjoy ice cream after walking or shopping at the shopping center.

    Dairy Queen with a special menu of ice cream and soft drinks

    4. Excellent Taiwanese milk tea KOI The - 1st floor

    KOI Thé originated in Taiwan and quickly expanded to many countries around the world, the brand brings a delicate and rich milk tea experience to all diners.

    KOI The once caused a storm for young people with Hoang Kim Pearl Milk Tea, helping to open the milk tea era for the F&B industry in Vietnam. The menu of this milk tea shop currently mainly revolves around tea, milk tea and macchiato - the purest but also the most quintessential Taiwanese milk tea.

    When visiting KOI The, don't miss the special drinks such asRoyal Pearl Milk Tea, Macchiato Green Tea, Macchiato Oolong Tea, Macchiato Mango Green Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea.

    You can easily come across it KOI The on the 1st floor of AEONMALL Tan Phu Celadon with spacious, bright space. This is both an ideal place to enjoy the flavors of drinks and an elegant layout for you to take selfies freely.

    Enjoy the taste of premium milk tea from KOI Thé

    5. Ice cream balls from Germany Quiches - 2nd floor

    Quiches is an ice cream brand originating from Germany. With inspiration from the German ice cream industry in the 1870s, Quiches brings not only a fresh ice cream flavor, but also an emotional touch on European culture and cuisine.

    Here, you will enjoy ice cream flavors of your choice in tablet form. Some of the most popular ice cream flavors include:Chocolate, American Sundae, Snickers, Strawberry Yogurt, Mango, Coconut. You can bring your friends to Quiches and buy ice cream in combos to enjoy more flavors at a more favorable price!

    Located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center, Quiches is the ideal stop for you after an exciting shopping trip. Enjoying some cool ice cream will make life much sweeter and happier, do you believe it?

    Sip cool, colorful ice cream balls at Quiches

    6. Bobapop quintessential Taiwanese milk tea - 2nd floor

    Bobapop is a famous tea brand originating from Taiwan, the homeland of rich milk tea cuisine. Each cup of tea is prepared meticulously and carefully, from choosing fresh tea to combining toppings and measuring the appropriate amount of sugar.

    Once a trend among young people when it launched its famous effervescent milk tea, Bobapop is increasingly improving its drink flavors and creating new dishes to serve the ever-changing needs of young people. The drinks that make up the restaurant's brand that you should not miss are: Foaming Guanyin Tea, Foaming Alisan Tea, Oolong High Tea, Brown Rice Tea, Japanese Matcha Snow Cream.

    Space of milk tea shops Bobapop has a youthful and modern style, with the main colors being blue, white and black. This is a suitable space to meet and chat with friends on weekends.

    Milk tea at Bobapop has a mild, fatty flavor to highlight the elegant taste of the tea

    Milk tea - a unique combination of traditional flavors and innovation. Each sip of tea brings a sublime experience to your taste buds, helping you forget all your troubles and enjoy the present moment. And don't forget the cool, sweet ice creams that are an ideal stop on hot summer days.

    What are you waiting for? Stop by AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon to enjoy great drinks at the chain.milk tea shop and this scrumptious ice cream!

    Table of Content

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