Suggested 7 Beautiful Lipstick Shades as Gifts for International Women's Day on March 8th


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    As International Women's Day is approaching, don't forget to choose meaningful and practical gifts for your mother or significant other! AEON MALL Tan Phu suggests considering lipsticks as a gift for March 8th, as they are an essential item for many women, easy to carry for daily use. Let's explore the hottest lipstick shades today and some useful tips for buying lipsticks as gifts!

    1. Elegance and Power with Pure Red: Pure red encompasses various shades of red, without much blending with common colors like orange, pink, or purple. This is a must-have lipstick color for every woman's makeup collection, suitable for various skin tones, providing a luxurious and timeless feel. A great choice for a March 8th gift that will never go out of style. Some beautiful pure red lipsticks from reputable brands include:

      • FMGT Bold Velvet Brick Chilli 01
      • Mac Matte Red Rock 640
      • Estee Lauder Bar Red 3103
      • CE Cloud Lip Tint Macaron Red
      • Maybelline Ultimatte More Scarlet
    2. Unique and Skin-friendly with Brick Red: Similar to pure red but with added hints of orange and brown to create a warmer tone. Subtle yet slightly sophisticated, brick red is a perfect color for Asian skin tones. It can be used daily by applying lightly or used for special occasions by applying more generously. Notable brands offering quality brick red lipsticks include:

      • FMGT Lip Glaze Drunk In Rose 02
      • Gucci Matte Janet Rust 505
      • CE Velvet Tint Taupe
      • Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink Lip Gloss 130
      • Black Rouge Velvet Soldout Chili A50
    3. Neutral and Subtle with Earthy Orange: Earthy orange lipsticks are often chosen for everyday wear, suitable for various skin tones and easy to match with different outfits. Gifting a terracotta orange lipstick for March 8th is a safe and trendy choice, as it is a highly sought-after color. Recommended brands with appealing earthy orange lipsticks include:

      • Black Rouge Velvet Fauve Layer DL03
      • Black Rough Velvet Tint Take Me A41
      • 3CE Matte Lips Benchmark 227
      • Vacosi Matte Ink Lip Cream Stella M5
      • Mac Impulsive 312
    4. Delicate and Elegant with Dry Rose: Dry rose is a light pink color that is not overly vibrant, creating a gentle and sophisticated beauty for the wearer. This color is an excellent choice for a makeup gift, providing a natural and refined appearance. Affordable and diverse in color, Bbia is a standout brand for dry rose lipsticks, with options such as:

      • Black Rouge Velvet Tint Coy Rose A18
      • Perfect Diary Rose Illusion 920
      • Bbia Last Powder Just Feel 06
      • Mamonde Creamy Tint Velvet Rose 13
      • Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy 420
    5. Mysterious and Alluring with Plum Pink: Plum pink is often described as a deep pink, with a mix of red, purple, and pink, resembling the color of ripe plums. This is one of the hottest lipstick colors today, conveying a powerful and feminine vibe. Brands offering suitable plum pink lipsticks for Asian skin tones include:

      • Living Nature Summer Rain 07
      • Sapphire Shine Lipstick Plum Pink
      • YSL Dazzling Carmin 953
      • 3CE Midnight Bottle
      • Black Rouge Velvet DL20
    6. Stylish and Suitable for Asian Skin with Nude: Nude lipsticks are known for their light, natural tones, closely resembling the natural color of lips. This color is popular among Western youth and has become a trend in Vietnam in recent years. Nude lipsticks are often paired with bold eye makeup, creating a stylish and confident look. Notable brands with high-quality nude lipsticks include:

      • Smashbox Matte Safe Word
      • Mac Powder Kiss Date Maker 996
      • Forever Artist Caramel Beige M101
      • Meet Mattl(e) Hughes Patient
      • Muzigae Mansion Barely 001
    7. Honoring Natural Purity with MLBB (My Lips But Better): MLBB is a term for lipsticks that closely match the natural color of lips but with a slight enhancement of pink or peach undertones for added beauty without changing the natural lip color too much. When choosing MLBB lipsticks, opt for shades slightly brighter than the natural lip color to create a standout yet natural look. This is undoubtedly the most suitable and meaningful lipstick for gifting on March 8th. Popular brands with heartwarming MLBB shades include:

      • Givenchy Pink Nude 210
      • Black Rouge Tint G05
      • Black Rouge Tint G07
      • Merzy Tint Lofi Indigo M12
      • Merzy Cyber Tint Hidden Section CM1

    Where to Buy Authentic High-End Lipsticks as Gifts for March 8th in Ho Chi Minh City: If you're looking for a reliable place to buy authentic lipsticks as gifts for that special someone, consider Watsons, The Face Shop, and Medicare. These cosmetic stores are trusted by millions of Vietnamese shoppers. WATSONS offers a diverse range of beauty and health care products, providing a variety of lipsticks from renowned brands such as 3CE, Bbia, L’oreal, Baby Bright, Maybelline, and more. MEDICARE stocks a wide range of popular lipstick brands like Black Rough, Focallure, M.O.I, Maybelline, with almost every color palette available. THE FACE SHOP provides various skincare and cosmetic products, including the FMGT lipstick brand, which is highly praised for its quality, color payoff, and lasting power.

    The good news is that all three stores are conveniently located at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. You can enjoy shopping in the mall and explore these stores to find the hottest lipstick shades for March 8th gifts. Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful tips for buying lipsticks as gifts. Now, don't hesitate to visit AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon for your shopping needs!"


    Table of Content

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