SUGGESTED FUN PLACES FOR HUNG Vuong's Ancestral Anniversary


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    DayHero King's death anniversaryis one of the most important holidays of the Vietnamese people, held on the 10th day of the third lunar month every year. This is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the achievements of the Hung Kings, who are considered the founders and protectors of the country thousands of years ago. This day is not only an opportunity to remember and honor ancestors, but also an opportunity for people to connect with the nation's origins and cultural traditions.

    If you are looking for a fun place to celebrate Hung King's death anniversary, check out this articleAEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon would like to suggest to you attractive places and make your trip interesting after a long day of work in the bustling city!

    1. Enjoy green space at Dam Sen park

    For people in Saigon, Dam Sen Park is always an attractive place for all families! You know, there are a bunch of fun activities for your family to enjoy. There are merry-go-rounds, water slides, swimming pools, children's play areas and entertainment for adults too. My family and I often go there to relax together and create memorable memories.

    But not only that, the park also has a wonderful green space to relax. You can sit by the lake, breathe fresh air and relax or take a walk in the colorful flower garden. The feeling of relaxation and closeness to nature when your family trip becomes more enjoyable than ever.

    In addition, the park also has special areas such as botanical gardens, artificial forests and ecological zones so you can explore and experience the diversity of nature. What a great place to relax and enjoy peaceful moments amidst the hustle and bustle of life!

    2. Experience shopping and entertainment at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    Living in Ho Chi Minh City, we are no strangers to shopping centers. With extremely good investment scale and quality, the name AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is always on the TOP list of the best shopping centers to experience.

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a diverse commercial complex with many stores and booths from famous domestic and foreign brands. From clothes, shoes, electronics, household appliances to cosmetics and diverse cuisine from countries in Asia. Everyone can see everything here for their holiday season.

    Address :No. 30 Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    Business hours: Weekdays (10:00 - 22:00) Weekends and holidays (9:00 - 22:00)

    Extreme promotion

    During the holidaysHero King's death anniversary Coming here, brands in AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon launch many promotions for customers. People can refer to:
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    3. Enjoy street food in District 1

    If you are a person who likes to experience, you want to take the time to learn and experience culinary dishes in SG, then District 1 will never disappoint you. We have some prominent names such as:

    a. Ben Thanh Street Food market

    this is a very chill eating place located right behind Ben Thanh market on Thu Khoa Huan street. This is one of the options for young people who tend to be "lowkey" and do not want to go to the crowded market in District 1. This area has all the typical Vietnamese cultural dishes such as: spring rolls, noodles, skewers. grilled,...Or special dishes from other Asian countries, very diverse but the prices here are a bit high compared to the general level.

    b. Saigon Garden

    Another place on Nguyen Hue walking street that we are no longer familiar with is Saigon Garden. With a cool garden space with a cafe and food model. Especially diverse dishes from Japan - Korea. In a prime location, it has a high-floor dining area and a complete view. This is a very beautiful check-in location for the upcoming Ancestor's Anniversary holiday.

    4. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Gia Dinh Park

    Considered one of the "green lungs" of Ho Chi Minh City, Gia Dinh Park is no longer strange to everyone here. Located in the center of District 3, convenient for exchanges between districts, Gia Dinh Park is always a destination for many people. Especially on the occasion of Hung King's death anniversary, there will never be a shortage of people coming here.

    If people are looking for a place to "recharge" their spirit for their vacation, Gia Dinh Park is probably the top choice. With airy space and many green trees. Especially the community here is very bustling. We can see groups of people jogging together, or the sound of badminton playing on the campus in Gia Dinh. More specifically, there are many flowers here. At Gia Dinh Park during Tet, it is considered one of the most popular flower selling streets in Saigon. Beautiful is a word that cannot describe the scene here.

    5. summary

    Hung Kings' Death Anniversary is an important and traditional holiday of the Vietnamese people, held annually to honor the Hung Kings and commemorate their contributions in building and protecting the country. Participating in fun activities and visiting the Hung Vuong cultural tourist area is a great way to honor traditions and celebrate this day with family and friends. Whatever activity you choose to participate in, make sure you enjoy a fun and meaningful day with your loved one. Celebrating the Hung King's death anniversary is not only a way to show pride in one's homeland, but also an opportunity to connect and create memorable memories together.

    Table of Content

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