What to do this summer? Refresh yourself to dramatically change your life!


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    How long have you kept this body shape? Do you find yourself staying in the same place year after year?

    The time has come for you Refresh Yourself, give yourself a chance to encounter more interesting and new things. This summer is the golden time for you to try out a new hobby, a new activity or a few new books!

    1. Work hard at the gym and yoga to improve your figure

    "First figure, second skin", owning a balanced physique will bring us more opportunities. Summer is the golden time for you to start the journey to perfect your physique by practicing gym and yoga. Besides creating sharpness for the body, gym training is also an effective sports method that helps you train your endurance, flexibility and perseverance.

    Surely after a few months, you will soon notice that both your body and mind gradually change more positively, and the journey to renew yourself becomes more and more interesting and meaningful. When choosing a gym to practice, you need to pay attention to choosing reputable locations, with transparent pricing policies, and clear contracts for long-term training packages to ensure personal benefits. 

    If you are still wondering, you can try experiencing the training packages here California Fitness & Yoga in Floor 3 AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. With a modern exercise machine system, a team of professional PTs and a clear service policy, you can completely rest assured to start your gym and yoga journey at California Fitness & Yoga. 

    Start your journey to change your body now!

    2. Learning martial arts increases discipline and self-defense

    "That's how steel is tempered!", without hardships there would be no great progress. Learning martial arts is an arduous journey that to conquer, you must overcome many challenges. Because you have to go through many difficulties and gradually conquer your goals, you will be trained in discipline, patience and many valuable lessons hidden in martial arts. Similar to playing sports, learning martial arts also helps you improve your endurance, is good for your cardiovascular system, and helps you fall asleep easier and sleep deeper.

    Some popular martial arts that you can easily learn are Vovinam, Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Wing Chun, Muay Thai,... Some places you can register to learn martial arts are martial arts training centers, local youth cultural houses,... Start your journey to renew yourself with martial arts, and look forward to seeing how strong your own internal strength can be!

    Martial arts brings many spiritual and health values

    3. Learning a new musical instrument increases creativity

    Music is always an effective medicine to heal broken souls. Music also helps increase concentration and creativity. Learning a new musical instrument and playing your favorite songs yourself is definitely a great experience for the upcoming summer days. Learning the piano and practicing singing is an effective way to discover ourselves and find passions that we have missed.

    If you are looking for a reputable place to start learning a musical instrument, you can refer to it Yamaha Music School. Located at 2nd Floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, this is a music center integrating a musical instrument store and a music school. Here we provide a full range of musical instruments, suitable for beginners and professional players. Yamaha Music School regularly offers piano and drum classes such as Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum and vocal training for many ages that you can experience.  

    Music is something that helps us discover our own creative power

    4. Read more new books to expand personal knowledge

    Each book is a door that opens to a new world. Reading new books will help you discover new knowledge, ideas and perspectives, expanding your understanding and awareness of the world around you. Reading new books is also a great way to improve your language skills. By exposing yourself to different styles and language, you will expand your vocabulary and improve your reading comprehension and presentation skills.

    Reading is both a self-refreshing activity and relaxing in a gentle and humane way. This summer, you can choose for yourself some books in your favorite field and start the journey of mulling over new ideas!

    Fahasa (1st floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon) will be the ideal destination for you to choose new books in the upcoming summer. Fahasa offers a diverse collection of books from genres such as literature, science, business, autobiography, novels, and many other genres for you to freely choose from. 

    Reading books helps us develop the ability to receive and respond to social information

    5. Perfect your English skills or learn a new foreign language

    Perfecting your English skills or learning a new foreign language over the summer is a smart decision that can bring many benefits to you in the future. Being able to communicate and work in multiple languages ​​opens up new job opportunities and attracts the attention of international employers.

    Learning a foreign language is also a great way to develop your thinking and problem-solving abilities. Learning to think and understand in new ways will help you become more flexible and creative in solving problems in everyday life. Why not spend this precious summer to improve your English level even more!

    If you're looking for a new English center, try a course at ILA English (Floor 3 AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon) - Professional English training organization awarded "Platium Center" award from Cambridge University (UK). By participating in courses at ILA English, you will have the opportunity to access a quality learning environment and modern facilities, helping you improve your English skills effectively.

    Let foreign languages ​​become an advantage instead of a weakness

    6. Participate in community activities to build a spirit of pride and self-worth

    Through interacting and working with the community, you will learn how to adapt, integrate and work effectively in a diverse social environment. Participating in community activities will also help you realize the meaning and purpose of life. Contributing to society and helping others is the best way for you to gain new perspectives, renew yourself for yourself and for those who need support. 

    Some community activities you can register to participate in are Collect old batteries, Donate blood and Donate clothes and school supplies for children periodically organized by AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. These activities are held to raise community awareness about supporting each other in society and working together to preserve the most sustainable things for the world's living environment. 

    Participating in community activities helps us reshape our values ​​and life purposes

    Summer is the season of experiential activities discover yourseft, don't let summer pass in boredom. Every step we take will reap valuable lessons, even if it only helps us improve 1%, but "a little accumulation makes a big difference". Did you hear anything? The season of youth is here, let's experience it, my friends!

    Table of Content

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