Explore 5 unique culinary locations in Saigon

Khám phá 5 địa điểm ẩm thực độc đáo tại Sài Gòn

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    Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is known as one of the places with a rich and diverse culinary culture. In recent years, tourists who love to explore Asian culinary culture have visited Saigon. Ours are many. One of the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign tourists, famous as a city that brings together all the culinary cultures of the country. Not only famous for its unique culture and customs, but also a culinary paradise with a variety of unique cuisines, this makes tourists who have not yet been here even more curious about Saigon. our. Below are 5 outstanding culinary dining areas in Saigon:

    1. Ben Thanh market food court

    Ben Thanh Market is one of the most famous markets in Saigon where ancient cultural features are still retained, the atmosphere is always vibrant and bustling, buyers and sellers are bustling from early morning until midnight. gloaming. When you come here, you will experience what it is like to go to a Vietnamese market.

     Around the market, there are shops and vendors everywhere on the sidewalks, making the morning atmosphere of Saigon even more exciting. Famous traditional dishes such as: Pho, beef noodle soup, broken rice, bread, hot rolls, banh khot,... and many other traditional cakes make other dishes even more enjoyable when coming here. This. The dishes listed are actually only a small part of this Ben Thanh market. When you visit, you will experience countless other traditional breakfast dishes here that will surprise you!

    2. District 5 food court (big market)

    Big Market District Food Area is unfamiliar to those living in Saigon. This place is famous for the culinary diversity of Chinese culture. For those who are followers of flower cuisine, Big Market District 5 will be the place.physical Thought for you to experience. The food here is always high quality, fresh, and reasonably priced. Traditional Chinese restaurants make the market even more unique. Coming here, visitors must definitely try dishes such as: Dimsum, fish cakes, satay noodles, steamed duck noodles,... in addition, hot pot dishes and soups are extremely high quality and diverse. SpecialThese restaurants are often designed in a traditional style and imbued with the cultural identity of the Chinese community, which will make visitors even more excited.

    You can also visit the famous Binh Tay market selling fresh seafood. At this market you can find directly processed seafood, dried fruits, etc. .District 5 Food Court will be a great destination for those who want to explore Chinese culture and cuisine in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Let your hungry stomach enjoy many unique and attractive dishes when you come here.

    3. Japanese food street at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon

    Next we will come to the Japanese food street at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, this neighborhood is one of the ideal destinations to fully explore and enjoy Japanese culture right in Saigon. The location is a favorite place for Saigon residents and tourists.

    The space here is one of the largest and most prominent commercial centers in the city. Ho Chi Minh has a spacious shopping space and diverse entertainment areas, this place will not lack any services you need.

    The culinary features here are Japanese food streets, food streets are designed with traditional Japanese style, they create a warm space of wood tones that is very comfortable and friendly when experiencing. Experience here, you will enjoy dishes such as: Sushi, Sashimi, Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, Okonomiyaki Japanese pancakes,... these are outstanding traditional dishes here in addition to countless side restaurants. Other famous Japanese dishes. Besides the dishes, this Japanese food street also offers traditional Japanese drinks such as Green Tea, flower tea, peach tea,...

    DiscovercityJapanese cuisine at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon will bring a wonderful dining experience to visitors without having to go too far. This place is almost enough for you to enjoy all the flavors of Japanese cuisine.

    4. District 1 food court (Reunification Palace and Bui Vien Western Quarter)

    District 1 food court, there are 2 locations that will give you great dining experiences: around the Independence Palace and the Western Bui Vien neighborhood. These areas are always famous for being vibrant, especially for food. streets cuisine.

    The first will be Bui Vien Western Quarter - This neighborhood is famous for its Bars, Clubs and outstanding Western restaurants. The Western restaurants and bars here are very rich and unique. You will find in the small alleys around here, there are many restaurants hidden in the alleys, but the quality of the food is always on a 10-point scale. What makes this neighborhood What becomes unique and interesting is that deep in dead-end alleys, old apartments will hide many restaurants, pubs, beer bars with cultural diversity of different European countries.

    Next we will go to the Reunification Palace - Reunification Palace is one of the important historical relics of the city. Ho Chi Minh City is the historical museum of Vietnam. There are many tourists around, so the culinary restaurants are very rich and diverse. Tourists will find traditional Vietnamese street vendors when coming to this area. These street vendors will often be sold by aunts and uncles selling snacks to fill their stomachs such as: Mixed rice paper, sticky rice with beans, sticky rice, etc. Vermicelli noodles, sweet soup, salted shrimp fruits, traditional beverages, etc. There will be countless Vietnamese snacks here.

    District 1 Food Court (Reunification Palace and Bui Vien Western Quarter) is one of the great experience spots for those who want to enjoy street food and the vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City both day and night.

    5. Around Nguyen Hue Walking Street

    Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a prominent dining destination in Ho Chi Minh City that is not only famous for its street beauty, but also has many traditional Vietnamese restaurants. In addition to the most prominent point, the old apartments are full of Vintage cafes designed in the 1975 Saigon style recreated by young people. Making the surrounding alleys exude classic beauty while the outside still retains today's modernity. Tourists will find a lot of vermicelli noodles, beef noodles, mixed rice paper, etc. around the sidewalks, accompanied by Vietnamese-style coffee shops. Talking about Saigon cuisine, just walk around Nguyen Hue walking street area and you can almost find all your favorite Vietnamese dishes.

    Nguyen Hue Walking Street is not only a place for tourists to relax and enjoy, but also a great destination for those who want to explore and enjoy the rich cuisine of Saigon.

    Saigon is truly one of the ideal destinations for those who love Asian cuisine, with its rich diversity, Saigon has all kinds of multinational dishes. This city not only has a diverse culinary culture but is also a place for you to experience Vietnamese culture. One thing is for sure, when experiencing traveling here, Vietnamese culture will leave wonderful travel memories for everyone.

    Table of Content

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