Caught in the first rain of the season! How to avoid catching a cold?


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    With the erratic weather and rain during the change of seasons, work is difficult get wet When going out, it is unavoidable. If the body is soaked in rainwater, if not treated promptly, it can lead to many consequences. If you are wondering what you should do when returning from the rain to avoid getting sick, this article will tell you clearly!

    1. What harm can being done in the rain without taking good care of your body cause?

    1.1 Dermatological diseases

    Rainwater contains many impurities, bacteria and is often acidic. When exposed to rain, your skin will be continuously exposed to rainwater, causing dampness and irritation. If the skin is not cleaned, impurities cause the skin to become a haven for bacteria and fungi. This leads to many concerning dermatological diseases:

    Dermatitis: Contact with rainwater in areas with air pollution or water sources can cause irritation and dermatitis. The skin will be itchy, red and swollen. This extremely affects your aesthetics and quality of life.

    Skin fungus: Clothes and shoes that are soaked in rainwater are favorable conditions for fungus to grow. Wearing clothes and shoes that are damp and not washed thoroughly can cause diseases such as foot fungus and scalp fungus. Symptoms include itching and peeling of the skin. And in severe cases, it can cause cracking and burning pain.

    1.2 Respiratory diseases

    The first rain of the season comes with sudden changes in temperature, sunshine and then rain. This weather can easily make you catch a cold or suffer from respiratory diseases. Cold and humid environments are always the "enemies" of the immune system. This type of weather creates favorable conditions for viruses to penetrate and cause disease. If not treated promptly, it can lead to very dangerous bronchitis and pneumonia.

    If you don't handle it well after 'getting caught in the rain', you can get infected

    1.3 Eye diseases

    Similar to the case of eye inflammation when swimming in a swimming pool, exposure to dirty rainwater can pose many risks to your eyes. Eyes can become red, itchy and painful if exposed to dirty rainwater. If not treated promptly, it can easily lead to eye infection, conjunctivitis or other eye problems.

    1.4 Other irritations

    Impurities in rainwater can include dirt and pollen. If you are allergic to a certain type of substance in rainwater, there is a high possibility that you will experience irritation. Common symptoms of irritation are sneezing, continuous coughing, difficulty breathing, swollen eyes and eyelids, and skin rashes.

    2. What should you do when returning from the rain to avoid catching a cold?

    2.1 Avoid the wind and gently dry your body

    When you get caught in the rain, when you get home, you should find a sheltered place to sit so your body doesn't get colder. Use a soft towel to gently dry your body, paying special attention to areas susceptible to cold such as the head, chest, back and feet. Drying the body as soon as possible not only helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also limits the body's absorption of water, causing colds.

    After getting caught in the rain, you must warm up and dry your body

    2.2 Keep your body warm continuously

    After drying your body, quickly change into dry clothes and continue to limit turning on fans and air conditioners. Pay special attention to keeping your body warm until your body temperature stabilizes. If you feel your whole body is warm and comfortable, and no longer feels cold, it means your body is being warmed effectively.

    2.3 Bathe with warm water after your body has stabilized

    When you are sure your body has dried and stabilized your body temperature, shower thoroughly with warm water (about 50 degrees). Bathing in warm water helps clean the body of impurities in rainwater and helps relax and increase blood circulation. Because you just got caught in the rain, you should try to shower quickly and avoid leaving your body in the water for too long. Many people who get caught in the rain get a fever, often due to improper bathing.

    2.4 Drink more warm drinks

    As soon as the rain comes, besides drying your body, you can drink hot tea. Hot drinks like ginger tea, honey lemonade, or warm water can help keep the body warm from the inside. This is great for warming the throat, making you feel warmer and more comfortable. If you are having digestive problems, ginger tea also has a significant improvement effect.

    Ginger tea, lemongrass and lemongrass tea and drinks to keep the body warm after 'getting caught in the rain'

    2.5 Add vitamin C the next morning

    Vitamin C is an important nutrient that strengthens the immune system and prevents rainy season diseases. The next morning when you get home from the rain, you should supplement vitamin C to support resistance. You can supplement from natural sources such as orange juice, lemon juice, or use supplement pills in certain doses. If you have a fever after a day of being in the rain, this shows that you are incubating the disease, and vitamin C supplementation is extremely necessary.

    2.6 Pay attention to your nutritional regimen in the following days

    Maintaining a balanced and vitamin-rich diet in the days after the rain is necessary for the body to recover. You should eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods to provide energy and increase endurance. A healthy diet helps the body fight pathogens and maintain stable health.

    2.7 Use essential oils that have antiseptic properties and support the respiratory system

    Essential oils such as peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil have high antiseptic properties and support the respiratory system very well. You can use these essential oils with a diffuser or steam bath. This helps clean the respiratory tract and effectively reduce the risk of infection. Essential oils can also help relax and improve sleep.

    If you still don't have an essential oil diffuser or divine herbal essential oil products for the rainy season, come now. TheScent and Himalaya at 2nd floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. Here, you have a huge selection of high-quality essential oils and diffusion products. 

    After getting back from 'caught in the rain', try steaming peppermint essential oil

    "Prevention is better than cure"! Immediately after get wet Please treat it quickly to limit catching a cold and developing the disease. Besides paying attention to keeping warm, you should also proactively equip yourself with necessary rainy season items. This helps you cope well with sudden rains while on the road.

    Going out during the rainy season, you need to equip a raincoat, umbrella and spare plastic sandals. Wearing canvas or leather shoes in the rain can cause your shoes to become a haven for bacteria that cause foot fungus. Shoes are not easy to clean completely, so always prepare plastic rain sandals. If you need to buy rainy season items, you can come Daiso and Miniso at 2nd floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. Here are two brands that offer seasonal home goods at great prices that you can shop from. 

    Now you no longer wonder when What should I do when I come back from the rain? again. The rainy season is here, pay attention to the weather forecast and always keep your body warm! Hope you will always be healthy!

    Table of Content

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