Love Korean bedrooms? These furniture items will help your bedroom look as pristine as a Korean movie


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    1. Take a look at some bedroom designs that cause storms in Korean movies

    Bedrooms in Korean films often impress audiences with their sophistication and creativity in design. These bedrooms are not only beautiful but also bring a feeling of comfort, closeness and are very easy to apply in practice. 

    Korean bedroom style brings a feeling of elegance, sophistication and coziness. The combination of soft colors, natural materials, simple decoration, and minimalist style helps create an ideal space for rest and relaxation. These features not only make the bedroom beautiful but are also easy to apply in daily life, helping homeowners have a comfortable and convenient living space.

    Korean bedroom furniture emphasizes simplicity and neatness. Bedroom decoration often includes small, delicate items such as pictures, pillows, rugs, and other decorative accessories. These items not only create a highlight but also help the space become cozy and friendly. Let's take a look at some on-screen bedroom scenes that Korean movie buffs absolutely love.

    Shockingly beautiful bedroom in 'Strong Girl Gang Nam Soon'

    19 year old Seon Jae's bedroom in 'Carry me and run'

    19 year old Im Sol's bedroom in 'Carry me and run'

    The regal bedroom of the female lead in 'Queen of Tears'

    Cozy Korean bedroom in 'Office Dating'

    Bright, youthful bedroom in 'What's wrong with Secretary Kim?'

    2. Choose Korean bedroom style furniture

    2.1 Gentle, harmonious color gamut

    One of the outstanding features of the Korean bedroom is the choice of colors. The main colors are usually white, gray, light blue, nude and pastel. These colors not only create a feeling of relaxation but also make the space appear more spacious and brighter. Soothing colors help create a pleasant space, ideal for rest and relaxation.

    In addition, natural wood with gentle brown tones is often widely used in Korean bedroom furniture. Wood color brings a feeling of warmth, rusticity and closeness to nature. Furniture items such as beds, cabinets, and wooden floors often have this color. Wood color can be easily combined with white, cream, gray tones or multi-colored patterns. 

    To have a standard Korean-style bedroom, you need to come up with a color scheme and choose to buy furniture according to the color scheme. This ensures that every detail and object in the room has a reasonable color correlation. If you're still wondering how to combine colors, you can try using the website Color Hunt to see suggested color palettes. 

    Korean-style bedroom with cozy and elegant wooden furniture

    Modern bedrooms are often seen in Korean tycoon movies

    Neutral bedding is often used in Korean-style bedrooms

    2.2 The bed is relatively low, simple design

    The use of low beds in bedroom design not only brings comfort and safety but also fits the minimalist and sophisticated lifestyle of Koreans. By having a simple interior arrangement, using natural colors and materials, along with reasonable lighting, you can create a cozy and elegant bedroom space.

    You can choose to buy a pre-designed bed with a low height or design your own bed using pallets:

    Pre-designed beds: You can easily find many extremely beautiful low bed models at furniture brands. However, because it is a long-lasting piece of furniture, you should prioritize shopping for products at high-quality furniture stores. 

    Pallet bed: This type of bed has a low or no leg design, with a flat and sturdy surface. Made from materials such as wood or metal, floor beds are not only durable but also bring a familiar, rustic beauty.

    Modern bed model with Korean style

    Multi-material beds help make the bedroom more sophisticated

    2.3 Comfortable sofa and rounded tea table

    Some large Korean-style bedrooms are often equipped with a tea table and sofa. The reasonable arrangement of these furniture items not only creates a beautiful space but also optimizes functionality.

    Make sure the sofa is sized appropriately for the bedroom area. For small bedrooms, a single sofa or small armchair is a good choice. For larger bedrooms, a double sofa or L-shaped sofa can create a comfortable space.

    A comfortable sofa makes the bedroom more comfortable

    The multi-functional sofa bed model is very popular in Korea

    The sofa bed model combines extremely convenient storage functions

    2.4 Lovely desk with a variety of accessories

    A lovely desk with a variety of accessories not only creates an aesthetic highlight for the bedroom but also enhances convenience. Choose materials that suit your style and needs. Natural wood is often a popular choice for its warm and natural look, while metal can add a modern and shiny look to a room.

    You can consider arranging your desk right by the window to take advantage of natural light. In addition, it also creates an airy working corner, helping you be more interested in working and studying. At the study desk, anti-myopia lamps can be equipped to provide optimal support for work and study.

    Wooden desk creates a luxurious working corner

    Arranging the desk next to the window makes the working space brighter

    Multi-functional desk models are often seen on Korean screens

    2.5 Unique wall paintings

    Choosing wall paintings according to your personal preferences and personality can create a bedroom space that reflects you and your personal preferences. These paintings can be part of your personal story and create a unique and highly personalized living space.

    Landscape paintings are a popular choice and create a relaxing feeling for the sleeping space. Hang pictures of the ocean, fields, or mountains to create a peaceful and quiet space. 

    Abstract paintings can bring modernity and style to the sleeping space. Choose paintings of abstract shapes, patterns, or combinations of colors and lines to create a unique artistic space. In addition, there are many other types of paintings that you can flexibly choose to decorate your standard Korean bedroom.

    A suitable painting will create a highlight for the bedroom

    Pictures help the bedroom become more sophisticated

    2.6 The lamp has a soft light

    When choosing lights for the bedroom, the most important thing is to create a space with soft and comfortable light, helping to create favorable conditions for sleep and daily activities. Use a variety of lamps such as ceiling lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, or wall lamps to distribute light evenly throughout the bedroom space. This helps create a rich and flexible lighting space.

    You should choose lights with gentle colors such as warm white, light yellow, or light blue to create a warm and pleasant space. Avoid lights that are too bright or too cold, as it can take away the feeling of comfort. 

    In addition, you should also choose a lamp with a capacity appropriate to the size of the bedroom and usage needs. A light that is too high wattage can create glare, making it uncomfortable to sleep, while a light that is too low wattage can take away from the practicality and utility of the light.

    Reasonable lighting arrangement makes every corner of the room extremely "artistic"

    Arranging a variety of wall lights and standing lamps makes the space more unique

    2.7 Opaque chiffon curtains

    Opaque curtains often dim light from the outside but still allow natural light to enter the room gently. This creates a sleeping space with natural light, giving you a feeling of comfort and ease. Opaque curtains can be an aesthetic highlight for your bedroom space. 

    You can choose plain chiffon curtain models or have floral motifs, abstract images, and colorful embroidered details. Note that the color of the curtain also needs to be similar to the color of other furniture in the bedroom.

    You should choose curtain material with moderate penetration

    2.8 Warm carpets

    When choosing carpet for your bedroom, choosing an easy-to-clean product is important to ensure you can easily maintain and clean the carpet effectively. First, you should choose carpets from materials such as polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fibers, because they are usually easy to clean and dry quickly after being wet.

    Next, the fiber structure and backing of the carpet should also be considered, with particular priority given to products with a thick and ventilated fiber structure to avoid dust and dirt building up inside the carpet. The style and color of the carpet also play an important role, with the right choice it will create a highlight and harmonize with the bedroom space.

    Carpets make the room more elegant

    With the above suggestions for interior layout and decorative accessories, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon hopes that you will have suitable choices for your Korean-style bedroom. 

    If you are planning to shop for bedroom furniture, consider visiting and experiencing it here Jang In, JUSK, Arize Home. These are high-end furniture brands with a variety of designs, suitable for many different decoration tastes. For bedding, cushions and carpets, you can choose and shop at Akemi Uchi, Lizd Namat with hundreds of diverse materials and colors. 

    The good news is that all of these furniture and home decor brands are available here AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. You can easily shop for all types of furniture and items needed for your bedroom just by visiting a shopping center

    Table of Content

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