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    The holidays are an ideal occasion for family and friends to relax together and enjoy delicious cuisine. On this occasion, finding a place that serves a diverse buffet and quality customer service is what many people are interested in. To help you have a complete culinary experience with your loved ones during the holiday season, let's explore 9 famous buffet restaurants at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.

    1. Manwah Taiwan Hot Pot - 1st Floor

    Manwah has two ways to prepare dishes: individual ordering and buffet, depending on your choice. Each type of hotpot here has a very unique flavor; including mala hotpot, Taipei hotpot, mushroom hotpot, rieu hotpot, Thai hotpot and tomato hotpot. Famous hot pot dishes that you should try are basa fish stomach, kim bao fish, bamboo fish rolls, dumplings, flowered beef shank,... These ingredients are all checked for input quality before being processed. Prepare dishes for diners.

    Manwah's line counter also has a variety of desserts such as ice cream, panna cotta, cakes, Khuc Bach sweet soup, yogurt, etc. The drinks here will change regularly; including tea, milk tea, fruit juice depending on your favorite taste.

    With a traditional interior style, Manwah buffet restaurant gives customers the feeling of enjoying cuisine in traditional Taiwanese villages, making the dining experience more special and memorable.

    Manwah Taiwanese hot pot is famous for its unique hot pot flavor

    2. Hong Kong Hutong Hot Pot - 3rd Floor

    If Taiwanese hot pot favors the use of warm spicy spices and the balance between sour - salty - sweet, Hong Kong hot pot dishes stand out for their attractive "umami" flavor. This is a quintessential culinary flavor, only obtained from batches of seafood soup and bones stewed for hours.

    With 7 unique hot pots: Hutong hot pot, Sichuan hot pot, tomyum hot pot, bone hot pot, mushroom hot pot, tomato hot pot, collagen hot pot from spicy to non-spicy, everyone can use it. Among the 99 hot pot dipping dishes, these are the most highly rated dishes that you cannot miss: sturgeon, lentils, red grouper, eel, Australian cow flower bucket, beef honeycomb, brown cow book, and colon. pork, golden crab, lobster pearls,... This buffet restaurant also has a line counter with quite a variety of desserts such as jelly, cakes, and seasonal fruits for you to choose from.

    The space at Hutong brings a luxurious look similar to the splendor we see in Hong Kong. Modern, luxurious and discreet is what you and your family will enjoy when dining at this restaurant.

    Go to Hutong buffet restaurant to enjoy the unique flavors of Hong Kong hot pot

    3. Jiang Hu Chinese Hot Pot - 3rd Floor

    Another version of Asian cuisine that you can experience is Jiang Hu Chinese hotpot. Here, besides enjoying the Chinese version of hot pot dishes, you can also enjoy many traditional folk dishes of this country.

    Besides Mala King hot pot, tomyum hot pot, and tomato hot pot, the restaurant also has stewed chicken hot pot. Some special dishes you should try at this buffet restaurant are crispy fried sticky rice cakes with black sugar and crispy fried pork belly. The rest are quite popular hot pot dishes in China such as beef neck, duck intestines, pork stew, beef tongue, beef heart, clams, scallops, and sliced chicken thigh cheeks. At the line counter, you can easily see many delicious snacks such as yogurt, fresh ice cream, fresh fruit and specialty teas and milk teas.

    If you like cozy, intimate but still neat and high-class, you will definitely love the space at Jiang Hu. Yellow light and wooden furniture create an ideal location for family parties and meetings with close friends.

    Jiang Hu buffet restaurant will bring you closer to the "art" of Chinese hot pot

    4. Korean street style barbeque Kpub - 1st floor

    Here, you will enjoy delicious, unique and diverse dishes, imbued with the culinary culture of the land of kimchi.

    Grilled meat at Kpub buffet restaurant is often prepared from fresh cuts of meat such as pork, beef, chicken or even seafood such as shrimp, squid, and octopus. The meat pieces are cut thinly and marinated with typical Korean spices, creating a particularly attractive flavor.

    Kpub's space is designed in a modern and youthful style, with decorative details inspired by the shops on the sleepless Western street Itaewon. You will feel like you are enjoying delicious food in a Korean town right at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.

    Come to Kpub grilled buffet restaurant to enjoy Korean grilled dishes

    5. Asian Hotpot Hotpot Story - 3rd Floor

    Hotpot Story is a place where you can discover the typical flavors of many culinary cultures of China, Japan, Thailand and Korea. There are 5 unique hot pot flavors waiting for you to enjoy: Sichuan hot pot, miso hot pot, suki hot pot, bulgogi hot pot, and tomyum hot pot. Two extremely delicious sauces that many diners love are shabu dipping sauce and suki sauce.

    The space at Hotpot Story is designed in an airy way, creating a spacious and comfortable feeling for customers. The dining table is arranged reasonably, not too cramped but still ensures privacy for each group of guests.

    Hotpot Story hotpot buffet offers the quintessential experience of Asian cuisine

    6. Gogi House Korean Barbecue - 3rd Floor

    Gogi House is the ideal destination for those who are passionate about Korean cuisine and want to enjoy unique and delicious grilled meat dishes. The special feature of Gogi House is the delicate combination of fresh meat quality and diversity in the selection of meats and marinades.

    At this buffet restaurant, you will enjoy delicious grilled dishes from high-quality ingredients such as beef ribs, beef shoulder core, muscle ribs, baby back ribs, American beef belly, goat meat, pork shoulder, and white pork belly. Ocean octopus, lamprey,... The side dish menu is extremely delicious with vegetable salads, seafood pancakes, rib soup, hot stone rice, and stir-fried vermicelli. With the buffet ticket, you can also enjoy 4 more unique Korean hot pot flavors such as bulgogi hot pot, army hot pot, kimchi hot pot and goat hot pot.

    Gogi House's space is boldly Korean, with a certain intimacy. The interior is arranged reasonably, maximizing moving space and is very airy. The exhaust system is mounted at each grill, helping to maintain clean air in the restaurant so customers can enjoy their meals without being disturbed by smoke from the grill.

                                                                      GoGi House is always one of the most popular grilled buffet restaurants

    7. Kichi Kichi Conveyor Belt Hotpot - 3rd Floor

    The 5 flavors of hotpot that you can choose from at this buffet restaurant are pepper hotpot, tomyum hotpot, mushroom hotpot, crab hotpot and milk tomyum hotpot. Diverse hot pot dishes include imported beef and pork, mantis shrimp, jellyfish, salmon breast, crocodile fillet, faci crab,...

    Food and drinks here are also extremely diverse from carbonated water, fruit juice, beer to wine. Among them, the drinks that are popular with many people are watermelon rice water, guava-mango rice water and fruit TeaPop Plus.

    A special feature of Kichi Kichi is the hot pot conveyor system, where dishes are placed on plates and moved throughout the restaurant. Customers can choose their favorite dishes from the conveyor belt and drop them into their hot pot.

                                                                          This holiday season, enjoy the unique conveyor belt hotpot at Kichi Kichi!

    8. King BBQ Korean Grill - 3rd Floor

    King BBQ always focuses on choosing the freshest and highest quality meat to ensure that each piece of meat when grilled is delicious and tender. At this buffet restaurant, you can enjoy premium beef, pork, chicken and seafood such as shrimp, squid, octopus, salmon, freshly prepared and served. King BBQ also serves hotpot with 3 types of hotpot: tomyum hotpot, bulgogi hotpot and kimchi hotpot.

    King BBQ has spacious space and friendly service, creating great conditions for your culinary party to go smoothly. Dining tables are arranged reasonably, not too close together but still maintain open space for movement.

                                                                               If you love premium Korean barbecue, King BBQ is for you

    9. Tokbokki Dookki hotpot - 3rd floor

    Tokbokki hot pot is a typical dish of Korean cuisine, made from colorful tokbokki rice cakes, which can have fillings inside (cheese, green beans, taro) or not, cooked in a saucepan. large pot with spicy and rich sauce. Served with hot pot are meats, seafood, vermicelli and eggs.

    The sauce and ingredient buffet counter at Dookki allows customers to freely be creative and create new hot pot flavors. Besides, the attractive line counter is what makes many diners return to this buffet restaurant. Stir-fried vermicelli, fried chicken, fried mandu, sweet potatoes simmered in sugar, stewed fish cakes, rice rolls, gimmari seaweed vermicelli rolls,... all have Korean flavors and are extremely popular.

    Kichi Kichi space is arranged quite airy, the distance between tables is also moderate, ensuring privacy for each group of guests. Dining utensils here are fully prepared in drawers to ensure hygiene while looking neat and minimalist.

                                                                             Dookki buffet restaurant is an ideal meeting place for tokbokki fans

    As a gathering place for many famous buffet restaurants, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is a culinary paradise that you cannot miss during holidays. Enjoy your rest time with family and friends, and enjoy delicious dishes from Asian culture with restaurants at the shopping center. These restaurants all operate from 10:00 to 22:00 every day, so arrange your time properly and make a meal plan!

    Table of Content

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