Clothes get moldy during the rainy season! How to keep clothes smelling good for a long time?


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    The rainy season is here again, an eternal problem "moldy clothes" became a hot topic again! Rainy weather and high humidity are ideal conditions for bacteria and mold to grow. Any place where clothes are stored, such as a washing machine, closet or dirty laundry basket, if not cleaned well, can become a "territory" of fungi and bacteria. 

    Keeping your wardrobe smelling fresh has become a challenge! So what is the way to wash clothes that smell good for a long time, and how to preserve them? Prevents mold and mildew on clothes?

    1. Treat clothes that have been exposed to rain as soon as you get home

    Many people have the habit of changing and putting dirty clothes in the basket or directly into the washing machine, only to start washing when it is full. Normally, this habit is nothing too serious. But if you just come back from the rain, your clothes are soaked in rainwater and thrown into the same mountain of dirty clothes, it's different. Dirty clothes mixed with wet clothes will create a highly humid environment that fungi and bacteria absolutely love. In just about 30 to 1 hour, that mountain of dirty laundry was full of bacteria and began to have an extremely unpleasant musty smell.

    As soon as you return from the rain, if you have time, you should hand wash your wet clothes immediately. In case you can't wash it right away, take out the wet clothes and hang them in a well-ventilated place to reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria. When you can wash, you just need to collect the dried clothes and put them in the washing machine.

    Failure to handle rainwater damage promptly can cause 'moldy clothes' to become damp

    2. Use antibacterial laundry detergent and liquid

    Using antibacterial laundry detergent or liquid is an effective way to keep clothes clean and deodorized during the rainy season. These products have the ability to eliminate bacteria and prevent mold growth, thereby helping to eliminate unpleasant odors. 

    Washing powders or detergents containing antibacterial substances such as triclosan, chlorhexidine, or natural essential oils such as cajuput essential oil and oregano essential oil are very suitable for washing in the wet rainy season. Using antibacterial laundry products is effective in preventing clothes from becoming moldy after long periods of use.

    Prevent ‘moldy clothes’ with antibacterial laundry products

    3. Use more fabric softener

    The most effective way to wash clothes that smell good for a long time is to use fabric softener. You should choose fabric softeners that have added fabric softener to help make skin contact more gentle. During the rainy season, high humidity and long drying times can make clothes susceptible to unpleasant odors. Fabric softener not only brings a pleasant fragrance but also helps soften fabrics and reduce static electricity, making washing easier. 

    When using any type of fabric softener, follow the usage instructions on the product packaging. You need to make sure to use the correct amount of fabric softener. Because when you use more than the required amount, not only will your clothes become caked with residue, but it will also cause waste. If you use too little compared to the amount of clothing, the scent will likely be diluted and not stick evenly.

    4. Dry clothes immediately after machine washing

    When damp clothes are left in the washing machine for a long time, the humid environment creates favorable conditions for bacteria and mold to grow. This not only causes unpleasant odors but can also affect your health. Drying clothes immediately after washing will help eliminate moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the washing machine drum.

    Drying clothes immediately after washing helps them retain the fragrance from laundry detergent and fabric softener. If damp clothes are left in the washing machine for too long, the fragrance will be significantly reduced, and sometimes a musty smell will develop. You should dry in a place with lots of wind and gentle sunlight. This helps clothes dry faster and retain their fragrance longer.

    5. Try to dry clothes in the morning

    Mornings often have light winds and the air is less humid than in the evenings. The morning breeze helps clothes evaporate water quickly, minimizing drying time and the risk of mold. Sunlight also has a significant effect in naturally killing bacteria. When clothes are dried in the sun, bacteria and mold on the fabric surface will be limited from growing, keeping clothes clean and reducing the risk of disease.

    Drying clothes in gentle sunlight helps limit damp 'moldy clothes'

    6. Use additional dehumidifying products in wardrobes and shoe cabinets

    Dehumidifying products help reduce moisture in the air, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria on clothes. This is an extremely necessary item during the rainy season, when high humidity can easily cause clothes in the closet to become moldy. In addition, high humidity can damage fabric fibers, causing yellowing and losing the softness of clothes. By keeping your wardrobe and shoe cabinet dry, you can maintain the quality and durability of your clothes.

    7. Regularly clean the washing machine

    A dirty washing machine can reduce the effectiveness of cleaning clothes, causing mold and yellowing. Dirt, soap and fabric residue accumulates in the washing drum and water pipes. This limits the cleaning ability of the machine, leading to unclean clothes with a bad smell even after they have just been washed. In addition, regular maintenance and cleaning of the washing machine helps maintain performance and prolong the life of the machine. This helps you save on washing machine repair and replacement costs in the future.

    You should clean the washing drum at home weekly with specialized detergent tablets. And every 3 months, hire staff to thoroughly clean the washing machine from the washing drum, water pipes, washing machine door, rubber seals, etc. Cleaning the washing machine regularly is a way to keep clothes fragrant and clean for a long time. than.

    Clean the washing machine regularly to maintain cleaning efficiency

    8. Avoid hanging worn clothes with clean clothes

    Many people have the habit of hanging disposable clothes with newly washed clothes, without knowing that this causes bacteria and mold to spread quickly. Worn clothes often contain sweat, dirt and bacteria from the outside environment. If you hang worn clothes with clean clothes, bacteria and mold spread, causing all the clothes to become contaminated and start to smell.

    As soon as you get home, sort your worn clothes and clean clothes. If you have only worn this outfit for a short period of time, you can wear it again before washing it. So hang worn clothes in a separate, well-ventilated area to limit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    Do not mix worn clothes and clean clothes

    9. Where to shop for specialized household appliances for the wet rainy season?

    Antibacterial laundry detergent/liquid, fabric softener, dehumidifiers, deodorizers and washing machine cleaning products are indispensable items during the rainy season. You can absolutely visit and shop for all of the above products at good-priced convenience store chains Daiso, Kohnan, and Miniso at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. 

    Originating from the leading countries in convenient household appliances, Japan and China; Daiso, Kohnan and Miniso provide a variety of products suitable for rainy, sunny and cold seasons. These stores attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year because of their extremely good prices compared to quality. If you need to buy specialized "laundry products", you want to eliminate worries moldy clothes During the rainy season, try visiting these stores!

    Table of Content

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