Baby's birthday is here! Parents remember this to choose a truly satisfactory birthday gift for their child


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    Birthday is a special occasion that every child eagerly looks forward to. A suitable birthday gift not only brings joy but is also a way for the child to feel love from parents and relatives. Modern babies are raised in advanced conditions, so they will have unique thinking and emotional foundations. Based on these characteristics, parents can choose birthday gift for baby in an appropriate way, helping your baby have a more complete birthday!

    1. Choose a birthday gift for your child according to age

    1.1 Choose a birthday gift for children from 3 to 5 years old

    Children from 3 to 5 years old are in a period of strong development in thinking, social and motor skills. Choosing a birthday gift for a child at this age needs to consider factors that help the child develop comprehensively and satisfy his or her curiosity and creativity. Puzzles, assembly toys, and scooters are extremely suitable for children to have fun and explore the world around them.

    In addition, you can also buy alphabets and pictures to guide your baby to become familiar with letters and identify things in life through pictures. This helps your child expand his knowledge and become more agile when participating in kindergarten activities with his teacher and friends.

    'Choose a birthday gift for your child' from 3 to 5 years old

    1.2 Choose a birthday gift for children from 5 to 12 years old

    At this age, children have passed the early stages of development and begin to actively explore the world around them. Children always want to know about everything around them and have the ability to absorb information quickly. Children often ask many questions and want to learn more about different aspects of life. 

    If your child is in this age group, give him/her birthday gifts that are educational products that provide easy-to-understand information. Some suitable gifts are historical comics, Vietnamese and World folklore stories,...

    From 5 to 12 years old is also the time when children spend most of their time at school. You can give your baby interactive gifts that he or she can play with friends, such as intellectual games like checkers, chess, and mandarin boxes. Or equipment to play sports such as basketball, football, table tennis,...

    'Choose a birthday gift for children' from 5 to 12 years old

    1.3 Choose a birthday gift for children over 12 years old

    This is adolescence, at this age people have clearly developed their own interests and passions. Also shows unique qualities and wants to receive support from parents. Choosing a gift should be based on what your child likes and is interested in, be it books, technology toys, musical instruments or sports equipment.

    In addition, sports and extracurricular activities are also things that children over 12 years old are often interested in. You can give away sports equipment, smart watches that track activities, or tickets to sporting events.

    If you want to create a unique and special experience for your baby, experiential activities such as traveling, visiting amusement parks or taking new courses are also interesting options.

    'Choose a birthday gift for children' over 12 years old

    2. Choose a birthday gift for your baby according to his or her personality

    Baby is active and vibrant

    • Sports toys such as soccer balls, badminton rackets or bicycles.

    • Tickets to sporting events or extracurricular activities.

    • Devices that help record activities like a camera or drone.

    Children are creative and artistic

    • Painting, watercolor, or brush kit.

    • Courses in painting, sculpture or photography.

    • Books about art or collections of famous works of art.

    Children are patient and meticulous

    • Complex assembly toys such as house models, airplanes or supercars.

    • A collection of jigsaw puzzles or puzzles with a large number of pieces.

    • Craft kits for making handmade items such as jewelry and wall paintings.

    Babies are curious and ready to explore

    • Science experiment kit with hands-on activities and chemical reactions.

    • Science books about space, astronomy or biology.

    • Educational equipment such as microscopes or telescopes.

    Baby is careful and confident

    • Collection of books on communication skills and personal development.

    • Clothing, accessories or beauty products reflect your child's personal style.

    • Courses or self-study materials on new skills such as programming, soft skills or cooking.

    Remember, choosing gifts also needs to be based on each child's specific personality. A gift that reflects and encourages character development will be a meaningful and memorable birthday gift.

    Buy 'baby birthday gifts' according to personality

    3. Choose a birthday gift for your baby according to your preferences

    The child is passionate about sports

    • Sports shirts or clothes printed with your child's favorite football teams or athletes.

    • Sports items such as soccer balls, badminton rackets, or boxing gloves.

    • Tickets to sporting events or sports classes such as soccer, basketball, or badminton.

    The child is passionate about art

    • High quality painting, watercolor, or brush kit.

    • Courses in painting, sculpture, or photography.

    • Books about art or collections of famous works of art.

    Baby is passionate about technology

    • Latest gaming console or mobile device.

    • Wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

    • Health and activity monitoring devices such as smartwatches or fitness trackers.

    Baby is passionate about music

    • Music album or tickets to a concert by your child's favorite artist.

    • Mini guitar or piano for children to learn and practice.

    • High quality headphones or portable speakers to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

    Baby is passionate about the animal world

    • Books about animals or a collection of animal toys from your baby's favorite species.

    • Tickets to visit zoos or animal parks.

    • Course on animal care and feeding.

    Children are passionate about traveling and exploring

    • Travel guidebooks or geographical maps so your child can research and plan their next trips.

    • Kit or equipment for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or climbing.

    • Unique gifts like a one-day vacation or adventure experiences like snowmobiling or surfing.

    Buy 'baby birthday gifts' according to your preferences

    4. Choose a gift according to your child's own wishes

    Choosing a gift according to your child's own wishes is a good way to ensure that the gift will be truly appreciated and bring true joy on his or her birthday. By consulting your baby, you show concern and respect for his or her own wishes and preferences. 

    How special a personalized birthday gift for your child is, contributing to a wonderful and complete birthday. Besides, consulting your baby's wishes also helps you better understand your baby's interests and personality. From there, build a habit of talking between parents and children, strengthening the foundation of family happiness.

    5. Where to buy diverse birthday gifts in Saigon for children?

    AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is always a great choice for parents when shopping for gifts for their children. Many brands of toys, stationery, children's fashion and souvenirs gather here, totaling up to thousands of diverse product codes. Let's explore which reputable stores you can visit and shop for baby birthday gifts at!

    2.1 My Kingdom - 2nd Floor

    My Kingdom provides a diverse range of products from educational toys, outdoor toys to school supplies, ensuring to meet all your baby's needs and interests. Products at My Kingdom are carefully selected from reputable brands, ensuring safety and quality for children. Known as the toy kingdom, this store is definitely the right place for you to shop for your baby's birthday gift!

    2.2 Momotarou - 2nd floor

    Momotarou specializes in providing toy products from Japanese culture. From toys to school supplies and souvenirs, Momotarou offers a wide and diverse range of products, serving every baby's needs and interests. The featured items here are comic book character models and diverse assembly models. Always committed to authenticity, you can completely trust the quality of the product when buying a gift for your baby.

    2.3 Love Kids - 2nd Floor

    Lovekids Store is the ideal destination to shop for birthday gifts for children. With spacious shopping space and comfortable decoration, this store provides a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience for both parents and children. 

    Lovekids' strength is the diversity of products, from clothes, backpacks to accessories, ensuring parents can find everything needed as a birthday gift for their child. Products at Lovekids Store are often selected from reputable and trustworthy brands, ensuring quality and safety for babies.

    2.4 nShop - 2nd Floor

    nShop Game & Hobby offers a wide range of toy products from famous brands such as Gundam Bandai, Tamiya, Nintendo, Sony, Pokemon and many more. You can find toys, models, and video games that suit your baby's interests. The staff at nShop are always willing to support and advise you in choosing the most suitable gift for your baby.

    2.5 tiNi Store - 2nd Floor

    tiNi Store is a retail store with a variety of products for children and families. Here, you can find a variety of items from toys, books, school supplies to souvenirs and gifts. Educational toys, fashionable clothes, school books, along with home products such as kitchenware and decorations can also be found at tiNi Store. With the variety of these products, tiNi Store gives you many options in finding birthday gifts or other suitable products for your baby.

    2.6 Hobiverse - 2nd Floor

    Hobiverse is famous for its cultural, entertainment and educational toys. Here you can find a diverse range of items, from board and card games, children's models and toys, books and comics, to decorative accessories and souvenirs from the series. Popular movies and games. 

    Hobiverse brings you a diverse and rich choice of cultural and entertainment products, making it easy for you to find a birthday gift that truly reflects your child's unique interests and personality. This is a great place for parents to choose to buy birthday gifts for their children.

    2.7 Fahasa - 1st Floor     

    At Fahasa, you can find a wide range of cultural and educational products, including books, comics, school supplies, stationery, and more. Fahasa offers a wide range of books and educational products from reputable publishers, ensuring high quality and education.

    Here, parents can easily choose a variety of useful and meaningful birthday gifts for their children. With reasonable prices and excellent customer care policy, Fahasa is a high-quality book and stationery brand that you should visit and shop.

    Come to AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon now to choose a 'birthday gift for your baby'

    Birthdays are a special occasion to create happy and meaningful memories in your child's journey to adulthood. And each suitable birthday gift, given at the right time, will contribute to making this day more special than ever. With several options birthday gift for baby that AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon shares, I hope parents will have suitable choices for themselves. 

    Take advantage of every birthday to show your special love and care for your babies! Now, let's go to AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon to visit and shop for your baby's toy paradise!

    Table of Content

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