It turns out this is the secret to having a perfect trip regardless of the wet rainy season!


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    Rainy season tourism is a big challenge, but the air is very cool, with little harsh sunlight. Don't let a few rains cause you to postpone your journey. It's actually not difficult for us to have a perfect trip during this rainy season. Below are some travel experiences during the rainy season that you definitely need!

    1. Take advantage of “cloudy condensation” days

    The tool that you must definitely use regularly during the rainy season is the weather app. Unlike what we think, during the rainy season there will be a lot of rain every day. On the contrary, there will be 3-5 dry days (this is the time when clouds condense) and then 3-5 consecutive days of heavy rain. On dry days, there will sometimes be a very short, light rain that will stop in about 15 minutes. Moreover, these days there is quite gentle sunshine, white clouds and very beautiful sky. This is the ideal time for you to have a wonderful trip.

    You can completely monitor the overall weather situation in the next 1-2 weeks through applications on your phone. After the last rainy day in a series of rainy days is the time when the humidity drops and the air is coolest. Please choose these days to organize your trip!

    Monitoring weather forecasts is necessary when 'rainy season travel'

    2. Prioritize the use of waterproof, quick-drying accessories

    The biggest travel experience during the rainy season that many people subjectively ignore is the material of accessories. You won't know how terrible a waterproof suitcase is until you actually "experience" it! All items inside were damp and even had a "musty" smell. You really don't want these things to ruin your trip, right? Therefore, you should prioritize choosing backpacks and suitcases with waterproof materials. 

    You should have a suitcase or backpack to hold all your belongings and a handbag to carry daily items on the trip. Both items require waterproofing, and you can easily find them at House of Samsonite and Lug. House of Samsonite focusing on elegant, modern and durable design while Lug famous for its unique, innovative design with many trending colors. You can shop for travel products from these two brands at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.

    Besides suitcases, backpacks, and handbags, you also need to prepare a waterproof phone bag. Instead of using cloth hair ties, you can replace them with plastic clips,...

    'Traveling in the rainy season', don't forget your waterproof suitcase

    3. Bring dehumidifying and deodorizing products

    Sneakers may seem a bit inconvenient during the rainy season, but they are an indispensable item during travel. High humidity will cause sports shoes and clothes to smell bad. In this case, you cannot lack a specialized deodorant product! For shoes that are damp all day, you can use deodorizing bags to deodorize the shoes. If your clothes are damp and smelly but you can't go back to the hotel to change, use scented sprays. In addition, you can buy additional deodorant rollers to ensure your trip is always fragrant.

    When it comes to shopping for rainy season items, you can't miss it Kohn,Daiso,Miniso! The products here are all selected for quality and have extremely reasonable prices. Before your trip, visit AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon and shop for necessary items at these stores!

    4. Don't forget mosquito repellent when going to the forest in the rainy season

    If you go to the forest in the rainy season, congratulations, 100+ tropical mosquito species are waiting for you! There's nothing cooler than exploring the woods after a rain. But remember to wear mosquito repellent to protect yourself from malaria or dengue fever. Don't be subjective because fever can destroy your trip, in the most terrible way! There are many anti-mosquito products on the market, you can easily buy them at supermarkets or convenience stores.

    5. Increase resistance - Don't let the trip go by in lassitude

    The experience of traveling in the rainy season to stay healthy and beautiful is to increase resistance. Getting caught in the rain is sometimes unavoidable, the only way is to proactively improve your health. You can supplement vitamin C through effervescent tablets or oral supplements. These dietary supplements can be purchased at drug stores. Note that if you have digestive problems, take vitamin C after eating.

    6. Always bring spare plastic slippers

    Plastic slippers are a treasure to avoid having to postpone your schedule because of rain. You should prepare an extra pair of plastic sandals with multi-purpose straps, both a sandal and a shoe, and especially beautiful. We suggest that you choose to buy Crocs sandals because of their variety and ease of coordination. Crocs provides a variety of products such as sandals, boat shoes, sneakers, sandals with high quality, soft plastic material. Both comfortable and highly aesthetically pleasing for photography is what Crocs can bring you.

    And it's convenient because Crocs There is an extremely diverse booth on the 1st floor of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. Now you can buy all your travel essentials in just one mall experience!

    Spare plastic slippers make your 'travel' trip more comfortable

    7. Prepare waterproof makeup

    A layer of waterproof, long-lasting makeup is the secret to travel photos with hundreds of "likes". Make sure you prepare enough basic waterproof makeup so you can comfortably have fun all day long. Three indispensable makeup items for long-lasting makeup are primer, powder, and makeup setting spray. Eyeliner gel, mascara, and long-lasting matte lipstick products are also very diverse in the makeup market. You can easily experience and shop at cosmetics paradise Beauty Box (ground floor AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon).

    To stay radiant, don't forget waterproof makeup

    8. Don't forget to bring an umbrella - Avoid the sun and rain

    Last but not least, don't forget to bring an umbrella. This small item not only helps protect you from the rain but also helps prevent direct exposure to the sun. Choose an umbrella that is sewn with UV-resistant fabric and has a waterproof, foldable outer layer. You can easily carry an umbrella in your bag and enjoy the trip regardless of rain or shine. 

    Enjoy the fun to the fullest with a handy umbrella

    The above tips help you enjoy a perfect trip regardless of the rainy season. From monitoring the weather forecast, using waterproof accessories, to preparing dehumidifiers, deodorants and waterproof makeup, it all contributes to a smooth and rewarding trip. miss. Now come AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon to Shop for all travel essentials come on!

    Don't let the rain reduce your joy of discovery and experience. Wishing you good trips tourism It was wonderful with many memorable memories!

    Table of Content

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