Relieve exam season stress with crispy fried chicken of all Asian and European styles


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    Exam season is always a stressful time not only for students but also for parents. Besides being dedicated to studying and equipping yourself with knowledge for the exam, having psychological stability also helps a lot during the exam. Enjoying favorite dishes is an extremely effective way to reduce pressure for everyone and every family. Enjoying golden fried chicken pieces with rich flavor makes us forget all our stress. 

    Or come AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon to enjoy cuisine fried chicken Great, get your spirit back for the upcoming exam!

    1. McDonald's - Fried chicken with thin crust, crispy and fragrant, mild but hard to get rid of flavor (Ground floor)

    Fried chicken McDonald's Rich in traditional flavors of American cuisine, the chicken skin is thin, crispy and dry but still retains fresh and sweet meat inside. McDonald's chicken dishes are seasoned with moderate spices, highlighting the natural flavor of high-quality chicken. Also because of the perfect taste, not too spicy or too sweet, this fried chicken restaurant easily pleases young diners.

    McWings Chicken Wings, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Burger, Chicken - Fish Fillet Burger, Chicken - Beef Burger These are dishes that will make you "infatuated" for a long time when you have the opportunity to dine at this fried chicken restaurant. Not only chicken, you can also choose many side dishes such as Shaken salad, fries and especially desserts kem McSundae with two sauces strawberry and chocolate.

    Enjoy American fried chicken with McDonald's

    2. Texas Chicken - American fried chicken with unique "Far West" recipes (Ground floor)

    Texas Chicken Fried chicken has long been a symbol of American cuisine. The fried chicken here is a combination of the typical flavor of American fried chicken and a unique creative sauce recipe, perfect for Asian tastes. White sesame, green onions, and herbs are inherently Asian spices, but are added to the fried chicken recipe in a light, seemingly out of the ordinary way. 

    Once you come to the store, try to enjoy the typical dishes that have made the success of the Texas fried chicken brand in Vietnam such as Chicken in 8 Spicy Sauce, Chicken in Garlic and Herb Butter Sauce, Traditional Fried Chicken, Chicken Spaghetti, Mexicana Chicken Roll, Tex Chicken Roll. Some extremely famous dishes that you can hardly miss are: cheese fries, honey butter cookies, mashed potatoes.

    Crispy fried chicken in Western style with Texas Chicken

    3. Bonchon - Korean fried chicken served with delicious hot rice (Ground floor)

    The secret to fried chicken's success Bonchon is a special spice recipe, bearing the mark of Korean cuisine. The delicate combination of traditional spices such as garlic, chili and sugar, along with a touch of spicy and sweet, creates a unique and unmistakable flavor. If you want to enjoy authentic Korean fried chicken, don't miss Bonchon!

    The fried chicken is marinated with rich spices and served with hot rice, giving it an extremely Asian feel. More than just a side dish, white rice at Bonchon is cooked to blend perfectly with the fried chicken pieces drizzled with that magical sauce. If you have been to this fried chicken restaurant, these are the dishes you must definitely enjoy: Fried Chicken with Mala Sauce, Fried Chicken with Bonchon Sauce, Traditional Fried Chicken with Sauce, Crispy Chicken Salad

    If you want to use additional side dishes, you can choose potatoes with garlic mayo sauce, Bonchon shakes, Bonchon dumplings. If you want to enjoy more standard Korean dishes, rice Kim Chi Bulgogi Beef, Black Pepper Chicken Rice, Hot Han Tho Mixed Rice These are dishes you can hardly refuse.

    Signature sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken with Bonchon

    4. Pizza Hut - Fried chicken from the United States but addicted to "joining the family according to customs" (Ground floor)

    People often know this brand for its pizza specialties, but actually Pizza Hut there's even one Chicken Addiction menu with a variety of chicken dishes prepared according to Vietnamese cuisine. Keeping up with Vietnamese dining trends, Pizza Hut regularly launches new fried chicken menus, with flavors inspired by neighboring cultures such as Japan, Korea and even Vietnam itself. … 

    The chicken dishes in the Chicken Addict menu that you can experience are BBQ Chicken with Pink Fire Dance, Fried Chicken with Mekong Garlic Sauce, Karaage Crispy Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken with Spicy-Pop Sauce. And of course, you can also freely enjoy Pizza Hut's diverse side dishes such as Garlic bread, nachos, cheese rolls, baked potato chips.

    Enjoy "Chicken Addiction" to satisfy your chicken addiction with Pizza Hut

    5. Lotteria - Golden fried chicken, variety of sauce flavors, perfect served with burger (2nd Floor)

    Fried chicken Lottery is a symbol of diversity and creativity in the fast food segment. This fried chicken brand is constantly researching and developing unique sauce flavors, from spicy to mildly sweet, ensuring to meet the preferences of all Asian customers. 

    As a familiar fried chicken restaurant to many Vietnamese families, Lotteria is super famous for its family fried chicken dishes, served with pasta,burgers of all kinds, French fries and Cheese stick. The fried chicken flavors that you cannot miss when coming to Lotteria are Chicken with HS Sauce, Chicken with Bean Sauce, Honey Chicken and Traditional Fried Chicken Golden, fragrant and crispy. 

    Review old memories with the Lotteria fried chicken whirlwind

    Exam season is approaching, and surely the pressure is making you feel tired. But don't worry too much! It's time for you to stabilize your mood and put yourself in a comfortable state of mind before taking the exam. AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon is the ideal destination to help you do that!  Here, you can easily find and experience cuisine at famous fried chicken restaurants such as Lotteria, McDonald's, Texas Chicken, Bonchon và Pizza Hut. Let yourself relax and enjoy a happy moment with delicious and enchanting fried chicken dishes!

    Table of Content

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